Gerald from Denmark to New York: Enjoying while getting paid

May 5, 2023 Mario Bautista 879 views

Gerald1Gerald2Gerald3Gerald4GERALD Santos enjoyed his stay in Denmark playing the role of Thuy in “Miss Saigon” at Det NY Theater in Copenhagen. The show will end this May 7 with his 619th performance as Thuy. Then he will stage two concerts for Pinoys who are based in Denmark as his way of thanksgiving for they have all been very supportive of him and the show.

One is on May 12 in the city of Elsinore (Helsinger) in Eastern Denmark and on May 13, at Copenhagen, the capital. His special guest on May 13, is a Bulgarian singer-actress, Alexandra Yoana Alexandrova, who plays Ellen in “Miss Saigon Denmark”. Then he will tour Europe and spend his 32nd birthday on May 15 in Barcelona, Spain.

He will also go to Paris, then fly to New York City to watch some Broadway shows, then will do concerts for the Filipinos based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. So how would he describe his stint in Denmark?

“Oh, Miss Saigon Denmark journey is truly very rewarding. I get to travel and even got paid for it. There’s so many tourist attractions to see in Denmark, like the Little Mermaid of Hans Christian Andersen, their 15th century castles and their buildings with new modern architecture. During my days off, I also got to visit Amsterdam, Milan, Prague, Sweden and Poland. I really want to thank God for all His blessings.”

What other theater roles would he like to do, given the chance? “It’s my dream to play ‘Aladdin’, Marius in ‘Les Miserables’ and Raoul in ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, at the West End in London or in Broadway. I also wante to do more movies. Acting is my passion and I’d love to do more challenging roles on screen.”

He also wants to record a new song. “I want to be more active in original pop music. I feel fulfilled doing more than 600 performances as Thuy in the international theatre scene, so I want to record a song that will make a memorable connection with our millennial and Gen Z listeners so I can have a hit song. ‘Yun ang isang kulang sa career ko, having my own major hit song. So, sana, when I get back to Manila, makahanap agad kami ng isang kantang magiging hit talaga to listeners. Yung kapag narinig nila, they’ll say, ay kanta ni Gerald Santos ‘yan.”