Direk Paul kabaligtaran ni Toni: I’m very bothered…

December 6, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 252 views

HUMARAP sa entertainment press ang bagong upong Presidential Adviser on Creative Communications na si Direk Paul Soriano nito lamang Lunes at doon ay sinabi niya kung gaano siya ka-proud at ka-blessed sa pagiging mister ng actress-TV host na si Toni Gonzaga.

Katwiran ni Direk Paul, “You know, honestly, outside looking in, if I can a step back and just, you know, from a perspective of not being her husband, or her producer or her director… I really believe Toni is probably the most powerful celebrity today.

“Only because the criticisms and the hate that she’s getting are from equally powerful people, too. You don’t rattle relevant people if you’re not doing something better than them, ‘di ba?”

Dagdag pa niya, “And you know, of course, you know, I’m her husband, and I’m very extremely proud of her. She’s also one of the strongest people I know, right. And I’ve seen her in her darkest moments. I’ve seen her being very vulnerable but she chooses to get up every day and face that camera.

“She could have easily just moved out, taken all the criticisms and just, you know, go somewhere else. But what did she choose? She chose to create her own show. She chose to make a concert. She chose to make a film. She’s facing it head on.

“If that’s not powerful, I don’t know what is, right? You know I always tell her, ‘You are at the right place at this right time.’ Because if you also study the path of her career, she’s also been one of the most heavily criticized.

“If you go back to her transfer, her network transfer and all that stuff… she’s been on very high profile shows. So, I really believe she’s one of the strongest and most powerful women in the Philippines today. And she’s not stopping. So that’s quite remarkable.”

Pero ’di tulad ni Toni na binansagang “Unbothered Queen,” “very bothered” umano si Direk Paul, na siya ring direktor ng Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry na My Teacher nina Toni at Joey de Leon para sa Ten17 at TinCan Productions.

Aniya, “I don’t know it all. I’m not Superman… I have my feelings, I have my emotions. But, you know, the greatest leaders, the greatest filmmakers, artists in the world are some of the most criticized and the most hated, too. And I think that’s what makes for great work. We study and I always kinda go to this metaphor, ‘how are diamonds made?’ Diamond is made through the hardest pressure, fire burning… so parang if ever that’s what it is. I’ve learned to embrace it also…

“I don’t know it all and I never want to tell people that I know it all. so I’m very bothered but I’m also very motivated, very excited. very challenged. And so, hopefully, in the next six years, do some of my best work,” saad pa ng direktor.