Bicol Oragons seek redemption

October 25, 2022 Ed Andaya 854 views

REDEMPTION will be high on the agenda of the Bicol Spicy Oragons when they return to action in the Pilipinas Super League, which kicks off with another tournament starting Oct. 29.

To be handled by veteran coach Monnel Kallos and manager Tony Oanes, the Spicy Oragons are looking to bounce back and make a good impression in both local and international basketball community.

“We’re looking for redemption in the coming PSL tournament.With the new composition of the team, we are ready to make it happen,” said Oanes during the 44th “Sports on Air” online program via Zoom last Oct. 22.

“Right now, we’re satisfied with what we have in the team and I think we can do well in the coming tournament,” explained Oanes.

Oanes and Bicol Spicy Oragons representative to the PSL board Arvin Guinto said the Spicy Oragons are built not just to compete, but also to win.

“The team is determined to put the past behind and move on with our basketball life,” added Guinto, referring to Bicol’s decision to walk out of its game against Cagayan de Oro in protest of what it perceived as biased officiating in a PSL tournament last April.

“We’re blessed to put together a young and experienced team. Players are joining us and expressing interest to help the team. Normally, some players do not want to be associated with teams which staged walkouts. But it’s the other way around for us. Players come to us,” explained Guinto.

Bicol assistant coaches Cesar Babasa and Rommel Banaga claimed the Spicy Oragons are not looking at the line-ups of their opponents but are focusing on what they can do on the playing court.

“The team mangement and coaching staff under Coach Monnel are looking at what our players can do. Tinitignan namin kung paano namin ma-maximize yung talents ng mga players; lalo na yung mga bata,” said Babasa.

“We have retained a few veterans in the team, but our focus is our young homegrown players,” added Banaga.

The coaching staff agreed that Bicol is teeming with young and outstanding players and the team is committed to finding and developing them to become good basketball players.

The team is owned by Kiga One sports Events and Management, In. and supported by Worthrand Petro Power and Roadhouse Manila Bay.