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‘Russian Scientists Contacted Aliens Who Beamed Back Pictures,’ Says Journalist George Knapp

April 30, 2023 People's Tonight 821 views

By Vicky Verma

Remote viewing is a controversial subject studied by scientists, but James H. Lee, a financial advisor, believes it could contribute to the toolbox of professional futurists. Remote viewing is discussed in declassified CIA files, where psychic abilities were used to spy on Soviet Russia under Project Stargate, tracking down its military activities.

In the 1970s, the first test of a highly classified project aimed at mind-reading of enemies was conducted at the US Army base of Maryland.

The CIA began recruiting individuals who claimed to possess extraordinary abilities of extrasensory perception (ESP) to assist in uncovering military and domestic intelligence secrets. The CIA declassified file revealed that Uri Geller replicated things drawn by a researcher in another sealed room. The US government continued funding the project as it proved to be beneficial.

One of the remote viewers who participated in the project was Angela Dellafiora Ford. She revealed her psychic powers on the CBS News program “48 Hours.” In 1989, the army tasked her with psychically tracking down the location of a man. To everyone’s surprise, Angela located the man in Lowell, Wyoming, and he was later arrested 100 miles west of a Wyoming town called Lovell.

The project aimed to exploit the potential of extrasensory perception (ESP) to gain intelligence and stay ahead of enemies. The US government was determined to uncover and develop this capability to its fullest. The project was highly classified, and the individuals involved were expected to keep their involvement a secret. However, as the project progressed, information regarding the project began to surface.

The government continued to invest in the project as it was producing promising results. Angela Dellafiora Ford’s tracking of the man in Lowell, Wyoming, proved to be a significant breakthrough for the project. This result confirmed that remote viewing could be used for practical purposes. The project continued until the mid-1990s, and the information obtained during this period remains highly classified.
Russia Contacts Aliens

The remote viewing program was also a big thing in Soviet Russia. In Episode 13 of WEAPONIZED, investigative journalist and UFO researcher George Knapp claims that scientists in Soviet Russia used psychic abilities to make contact with higher intelligence (“cosmic intelligence” as he stated) that was not from Earth.

In the 1990s, Knapp visited Soviet Russia to uncover the truth about the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). At that time, the Russian military tried to downplay and dismiss any claims about the existence of flying saucers. The general public was discouraged from openly discussing such topics. Still, behind closed doors, the Russian Ministry of Defense carried out what is believed to be the large-scale study on UFOs by the government in history.

Knapp discovered scientists who had “reverse-engineered” alien technology. According to Knapp, Lieutenant General Alexei Yurievich Savin had developed a “remote viewing” technique, and showed Knapp training films where Russian sailors were able to identify other naval assets without being able to see them.

Knapp said: “They were really accurate, incredibly accurate, at least in this film.” Knapp added that Lt General Savin selected ordinary Russian housewives to trial the technique and some became so skilled at it that they developed psychic abilities.

Knapp told Corbell: “I didn’t really want to delve into remote viewing while we were there, but Lieutenant Savin really made a point to make himself available to us. He had developed, in essence, a remote viewing program, and he had shown us some training films. In those films, they would take a Russian sailor who had been trained in remote viewing protocols, put him down on the bottom of a ship, and then ask him to identify where other naval assets were around him without being able to look out the window and see them. They were submarines, ships, and they were really accurate, incredibly accurate, at least in this film. And then he decided that he was going to show that the technology, the techniques, could be taught to anyone.

So, we walked into our second meeting with him and found a whole room full of women – pretty good-looking women. They were all housewives, regular women, not scientists, that he had hand-picked to show that this is something that could be taught to everyone. He was showing this to us in part because when remote viewers got good, they would run into what he called ‘Cosmic Intelligences.’ They would communicate with other intelligence that wasn’t from Earth