Revive PNR Bicol project, Marcos urged

July 12, 2023 Jester P. Manalastas 282 views

A lawmaker is urging President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to Revive Philippine National Railway Project in Bicol Region.

CamSur Representative Gabriel Bordado emphasizes the importance of efficient transportation for economic growth in Bicol.

The solon said this initiative is crucial in fostering economic growth and development in the region.

As urban populations continue to grow rapidly, the challenge of matching road capacity with the exponential increase in vehicular traffic becomes increasingly difficult.

Railways offer a more efficient and sustainable solution, utilizing less land, producing fewer pollutants, and providing high capacity for transportation.

Bordado said the PNR’s Bicol-bound trains played a vital role in driving economic growth and development in the region.

In the past, the railway system served as a backbone for the progress of the Bicol Region, contributing to its competitiveness alongside more advanced regions in the country.

Over the years, it has facilitated the transportation of goods and services, strengthening the region’s connectivity and stimulating economic activities.

“An efficient transportation system is indispensable for the continuous development and progress of the nation. By extending the PNR Charter, the government ensures that the railway system continues to function in the distribution of goods and services, especially to grassroots levels. This not only supports economic growth but also enhances accessibility and inclusivity,” Bordado said.

The PNR has historically played a vital role in the socio-economic development of the Philippines. In its prime, it operated an extensive route from La Union to the Bicol Region, connecting various provinces and facilitating trade and commerce.

Although it currently serves commuters from Metro Manila to Calamba City, Laguna, and certain parts of the Bicol Region, the proposed revival of the railway system can pave the way for its complete rehabilitation. This would greatly benefit people from far-flung areas, providing them with improved connectivity to the capital and beyond.

Bordado said he firmly believes that revitalizing the PNR project in the Bicol region will have a transformative impact on the local economy and the lives of the people.