PMA alumni

February 19, 2023 People's Tonight 332 views

PRESIDENT Marcos has called on the alumni of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to continue protecting the security and safety of this Southeast Asian nation.

In a well-applauded speech during last Saturday’s annual PMA alumni homecoming in Baguio City, Marcos called on the group to lead “a life of service beyond self.”

This, he said, whether they are working in the government service or in the private sector.

“Some of you have continued your service in the private sector, while others have remained in government. (But) I hope…that you continue to lead a life of service,” said Marcos.

We share the view of the Chief Executive from Ilocos Norte that a life of service “is an ethos (that) we can attribute to a premier institution such as the PMA.”

He assured the alumni that his government, together with the people, are with you as “we march towards achieving a safer, more peaceful and more progressive Philippines.”

PMA alumni have remained steadfast and resolute in attaining their dream of helping our countrymen in transforming this nation into a flourishing community of happy people.

The PMA, since its inception in 1936, has produced selfless individuals who offered their lives to defend this country and preserve the ideals and freedoms that we enjoy today.

Credit the discipline, integrity, honesty, loyalty and sense of belonging that can well be appreciated as among the legends within this group of Filipino professionals.

Like President Marcos, we salute PMA alumni, who are among the country’s treasures.