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Paulo and Kylie together again after six years

April 10, 2024 Leah C. Salterio 92 views

KylieKylie1PauloTHE first time Paulo Avelino and Kylie Verzosa got to work together was in the romantic drama, ‘Kasal’ (2018), directed by Ruel Bayani.

Kylie won Miss International two years prior and she decided to embark in a showbiz career at that time. Paolo became her acting coach in her big screen debut.

“That was my first film and the first time Paulo and I worked together,” shared Kylie. “I was very new in the business at that time. I have always wanted to work with him again.”

After six years, the two are paired in the light romance, ‘Elevator,’ with director Philip King at the helm.

“Given this great material in ‘Elevator,’ with Viva and Rein Entertainment, Paulo and I finally got the chance to work together again,” admitted Kylie. “That makes it easier for us to work as characters and actors. Paulo has always been very quiet and very mysterious.

“He kept the same persona all throughout our shoot. I really respect him as an actor. I really love working with him. I think he’s one of the hottest actors out there. Maalaga siya sa scene and I think we worked together well.”

Kylie attested Paulo is such a really good actor. “What he did here in ‘Elevator,’ he showed a different character from all the other projects he’s done. He’s very diverse. With the story, we were able to showcase our respective characters.”

Although ‘Elevator’ brought Paulo and Kylie together again, there was no awkward moment for both of them even after six years that they haven’t worked again.

“While filming, marami kaming script readings, workshops,” Paulo granted. “We fixed our characters before we started shooting. After I finished reading the script, it was very feel-good and inspiring.

“Since we filmed in Singapore, I discovered with Kylie, she is really a head-turner. Minsan, nahihiya na akong tumabi sa kanya dahil baka mapaaway pa ako.”

Paulo, who bagged the Urian best actor award for director Alvin Yapan’s ‘Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa’ (2011), is nonetheless grateful for everything that has been happening in his career lately. “During the pandemic, we missed acting. We missed working. We needed to work to also earn.

“I’m very grateful that I have two TV shows that are now airing (‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ on the Kapamilya Channel and ‘Linlang’ on Prime Video). Sumakto ang shooting namin for ‘Elevator’ last year.

“This wouldn’t have happened kung hindi ako tinanggap ng mga manonood. That’s why I’m thankful for our TV audience. I’m hoping this film will also do good and I’ll be able to thank the moviegoers properly.”

Director Philip King wrote and directed ‘Elevator’ and the film hews close to his heart. “My lolo is a migrant from China,” Direk Philip disclosed. “In a way, the story of Jared and Bettina, along with other OFWs and migrant workers in Singapore, was one of my intentions.

“While doing research in Singapore, I talked to a lot of OFWs there. I tried to encapsulate how they make something of themselves. Bettina and Jared work hard abroad. But they cannot escape the fact that love happens somewhere along the way.

“It just turns your plans and your world upside down. Hopefully, even we shot ‘Elevator’ in Singapore, we are able to convey a different story for the viewers. We focus on characters punching up in their lives.

“The ‘Elevator’ is a metaphor here. If you want to punch up in your life, that means you are in the abyss. I think it’s just like the elevator. It’s not stuck in just one floor. In a split second, you can go up or down.”

In ‘Elevator,’ Kylie plays Bettina, a career-driven and career-oriented woman. She works as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Singapore, where a big chunk of the film was shot late last year. She’s at a point in her life where she is torn between choosing love or career.

“I guess I can relate to Bettina, in a way, because I’m very career-oriented, very driven and that’s what I like about my character,” Kylie granted. “Bettina is not your typical Pinay. She’s your modern Pinay. Her goal in life is to become her best self and work for her goals.”

Paulo, meanwhile, plays Jared, also an OFW in Singapore. “He has a bigger dream for himself,” he said. “He dreams about attaining the highest position in the company that he works for. His ideas cannot be executed because he has no capital for a business.

Upon meeting the executive assistant (Bettina) of Jared’s investor (played by Singaporean actor Adrian Pang), Jared’s life got messed up. He could not decide whether or not he will pursue his dream or his feelings for Bettina.