Gold Aceron fights for life and dreams in action-packed Vivamax offering

July 12, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 630 views

A young entrepreneur who dreams of being a successful and legitimate businessman goes head-to-head with a criminal kingpin to achieve his goal.

Witness Gold Aceron as he fights for his life and his dreams in the heart-stopping action flick, Bisyo!, which premieres on Vivamax on July 21.

James (Gold) is a certified sneakerhead passionate with everything and anything about these shoes.

He may not be rich, but with his charm and unique strategies, he is able to make connections and bag himself a couple of much-coveted pairs of sneakers. His passion for these things doesn’t stop with that, he also aims to be an owner of a sneaker store someday and be a respected and legit business owner.

With his drive to pursue a career in this field and non-stop hustle to make ends meet, there is no doubt that he could get this dream someday, but there is someone who becomes a hindrance that threatens James’ road to success.

He is none other than his boss, Vice Mayor Rodrigo Reyes (Mark Anthony Fernandez), who may look like a kind-hearted politician, but is a notorious criminal kingpin from the underground.

James is his loyal and trusted errand boy.

As James aims to focus his wit and energy on building his dream business, he has to break himself free from Vice Mayor Reyes’ hold and toxic world.

But they will not let James go easily and will even assign him to much more complicated and dangerous criminal acts.

With this, a race to outsmart each other happens between James and Vice Mayor Reyes.

Will Vice Mayor Reyes keep James? Or will James pick up a trick up his sleeve and escape his boss with no trace?

A film by Daniel Palacio, Bisyo! stars Gold and Mark Anthony with Ataska, who plays James’ loyal girlfriend, and Aerol Carmelo, who plays James’ best friend and Vice Mayor Reyes’ son. Also starring Pantaxa winner Angelica Hart.

Bisyo! streams exclusively on Vivamax starting July 21.