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Giuliana recalls sacrifices joining contest in China

April 3, 2024 Leah C. Salterio 262 views


Giuliana Chiong
Giuliana Chiong (right) gets welcomed to Cornerstone Entertainment by artist and Idol Philippines champion Zephanie Dimaranan

THIRTEEN-year-old Ozamis City native Giuliana Chiong is one such talent who dauntlessly tried her luck in the limelight when she joined The Voice Kids Season 5 in 2023.

Although Giuliana only reached the semi-finals, her impressive feat in The Voice Kids did not go unnoticed.

Proof that she idolizes Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo, Giuliana rendered Sarah’s hit, ‘Kilometro,’ in the singing competition.

Since she was five years old, Giuliana, who’s the eldest of three children, always loved singing. Her parents are Davidson and Gwen Marie Chiong.

“The way you can really express your emotions through songs, I think that’s what makes singing beautiful,” Giuliana said.

She believes she got her singing talent from her mom, who was also into singing. “When I was five, I used to sing ‘Let It Go’ from ‘Frozen’,” Giuliana recalled. “I used to bring a radio to the office of my lolo and lola.”

Giuliana didn’t lose hope after joining The Voice Kids. Priscilla Teo of the Singapore-based Academy of Rock, pushed Giuliana to audition for a show that airs in China, after being impressed by her stint in The Voice Kids.

Giuliana was undoubtedly excited when she was offered to represent the Philippines in China’s talent show, ‘Rising Voice.’

Although it was not her first time in China, she went there with her family last year, Giuliana found it challenging to converse with and understand the Chinese people when she went there recently.

“It was a very nice experience, but I did have a few hard times with the Chinese,” Giuliana said. “But everything turned out okay.

“I had to keep in mind the things I had to sacrifice like my time to learn Chinese to be able to sing there. I had to balance school, my academics and other things to be able to perform in China. I knew I had to sacrifice a few things to get there.”

She describes the experience as “nerve-wracking,” but Giuliana enjoyed her trip to Beijing for four days to guest in Rising Voice that featured around ten kids all over Asia. She was accompanied by Cornerstone Entertainment’s senior artist manager, Cynthia Roque.

Giuliana had to learn a Chinese song, with the English title, ‘Olive Tree,’ which took her a month to study. She was carefully coached especially in the pronunciation, which could change the meaning of the entire word once said incorrectly.

“The message of that Chinese song was about homesickness,” granted Giuliana. “I think it really connected with me and with the audience.”

She adores award-winning singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. “She strongly connects with her audience,” she said of the American artist. “I love how she’s so transparent with her music. She can turn her songs into something beautiful and share it to the world.”

Giuliana also loves listening to Zach Tabudlo’s music. ”I love how he can turn pain into something beautiful and can make people feel less alone,” Giuliana said. “That’s something beautiful about music.”

She also tries writing her own music. “But I don’t think the songs are good enough to be released yet,” Giuliana honestly said. “I want to release a single hopefully. I just want to take it slow since I’m still in school. It’s a lot to juggle my studies and singing.”

Her first salvo into singing competition was in The Voice Kids last year, immediately on national TV. “I was really scared, but learned a lot and I think my stage presence and confidence changed a lot,” Giuliana disclosed.

“From coach Martin, he always told me to just try my best and have fun onstage. When I first went onstage, I kept on thinking, what if it wasn’t perfect.

“What coach Martin taught me was I should do [the performance] for myself. Whatever makes me happy. I should enjoy performing. You should not ruin the opportunity of being happy when you’re onstage and in front of the camera.”

Late last year, Giuliana joined Cornerstone Entertainment, a multi-media talent agency best known for managing world-class talents such as Erik Santos, Yeng Constantino, KZ Tandingan. Kyla, Jay R, Moira dela Torre, Jason Dy and many others.