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CSC backs ‘healthy workplaces’

May 9, 2023 People's Tonight 540 views

THE Civil Service Commission (CSC) welcomed the opportunity to be part of a “noble undertaking” and supported the implementation of the framework and subsequent initiatives for “Healthy Workplace.”

According to the framework, the CSC, as a member of the National Technical Working Group on Healthy Workplace chaired by the DOH (Department of Health), shall perform the following duties:

• Coordinate the implementation of capacity-building activities in support of the Healthy Communities Framework for CSC Offices and other workplace settings within the purview of the CSC;

• Carry out information and advocacy campaigns for the public sector and other relevant stakeholders in support of the implementation of the framework;

• Provide relevant technical assistance and support in all phases of implementation of the Healthy Workplace Framework; and

• Participate in the conduct of relevant monitoring and evaluation activities.

“While the framework opens new grounds for collaborations between all organizations here, we are all propelled by the greater vision of a healthy and productive workforce serving the Filipino,” said CSC Chairperson Nograles.