Andrea presents herself as the most daring newcomer

October 24, 2022 Mario Bautista 2105 views

ANDREA Garcia is one of the newest Viva bombshells. She’s currently in the cast of the 8-part series “Secrets of a Nympho” and in the movie “Alapaap”, both to stream soon on Vivamax.

Andrea is the granddaughter of veteran actress Marissa Delgado. Her dad is Marissa’s son, Kevin Delgado, who also once forayed into acting when he was younger.

“My grandma has been pushing me to try acting noon pa but it’s only now that I got to put my mind into it,” she says. “When I finally joined showbiz, hindi ko ipinaalam sa kanila. Na-surprise na lang sila.”

She started as an influencer on social media, notably Instagram and Tiktok where she has thousands of followers, then she signed with Viva Artists Agency this year. She was quickly cast in “Iskandalo” and “High on Sex”. Now, she’s very determined to make it good in showbiz.

“Bata pa ako, sumasama ako sa tapings ng grandma ko where I met some big stars. Then I tried taking acting workshops. I’m in second year college but I decided to put it on hold muna while I try my luck in acting, also singing and hosting. But acting is really my top priority now.”

Who are the Viva actresses that she wants to emulate? “Definitely, si Anne Curtis. I’ve seen all her films and she’s very good. Her acting comes from the heart. I also like her as host in ‘Showtime’ kasi ang lakas ng charisma niya. And I want to think that like her, I have a bubbly personality. As of now, I’ve started doing sexy projects for Vivamax but like her, I want to be eventually recognized for my talent, my acting.”

Did her grandma Marissa Delgado give her any advice about showbiz? “Yes, she told me what to expect, both the good and the bad. But now that I’m in showbiz, it’s much more than what I expected. But I’d like to think that I am growing in this journey ng pagsali ko sa showbiz. Basta lahat ng projects na ibibigay nila sa akin, pagbubutihan ko lagi.”

In the series “Secrets of a Nympho”, which starts streaming this Sunday, she plays one of the campus girls who got involved in the investigation on the death of the top campus jock played by Arron Villaflor.

“Girlfriend ako ng isang best friend niya, si Jiad Arroyo,” she says. “I’m wondering why Jiad seems cold to me in bed. It turns out, may secret pala siya. He is having an affair with his coach.”

In the movie “Alapaap”, she plays a member of a group of filmmaking students who get into drugs and all of them go high while doing their film project.

“I play a girl named Cathy. I’m in a relationship with new actor Ali Asistio, but I’m also having an affair with one of the girls in our group, Cheska Paredes as Joyce, my secret lover. So AC-DC ako, pwede sa girl, pwede sa boy.”

How would she describe herself as a sexy actress? “I have no restrictions. Wala akong katulad, kasi palaban ako. Ako ang pinaka-palaban sa lahat!” and she laughs heartily.