A Haunted English Hotel That is Said to Have 30 Ghosts

December 4, 2021 People's Tonight 233 views

Jocelyne LeBlanc November 16, 2021

There are lots of allegedly haunted buildings around the world, but one in particular is said to have thirty ghosts roaming around. The George and Pilgrims Hotel in Glastonbury, England, which was built in 1475 to accommodate pilgrims to the Glastonbury Abbey, is rumored to be exceptionally haunted.

The George and Pilgrims Hotel is so haunted that many locals won’t even step foot in the building. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the dozens of spirits that are believed to roam around the building.

Many people have reported seeing a ghostly monk, especially in the dark corridors during the early morning hours when it is completely quiet. He is sometimes accompanied by a very elegant looking woman who appears to be following him. According to a medium who has visited the hotel numerous times, the monk and the lady were lovers and are still wandering the halls of the hotel even after death. Another version of the story states that the monk was actually bricked up alive in the cellar of the building due to his affair and is still haunting the location.

Haunted1Known as the oldest pub in the South West, that area is especially haunted with one man claiming that he witnessed a woman walking through the bar with a dog. When he went to tell her that dogs weren’t allowed in there, the pet was gone and she informed him that she has a spirit dog that follows her around.

Additional paranormal activity includes guests who have reported hearing people marching loudly up and down the corridors at night, but when they checked it out, they couldn’t find anyone.

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The rooms on the top floor are said to be quite haunted. One room called The Monk’s Cell is particularly active. Guests who have stayed in that room claimed that their television turned on and off on its own; they have heard unexplained harp music; and the sheets have been ripped off the bed at night.

Ghosts1Even the landlady claimed that in her private living area that she shares with her son, they both witnessed one of her sweaters that was lying on a chair suddenly lift up in the air.

Those are just some of the many accounts of paranormal activity associated with the George and Pilgrims Hotel. I suppose all of the unexplained activity is not surprising if thirty ghosts are residing there.