13 Chinese nat’ls not pressing charges vs CIDG-NCR men

March 18, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 320 views

THIRTEEN Chinese nationals arrested by agents of the National Capital Region Field Unit (NCRFU) of the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) are not pressing any charges against their arresting officers after all, the Journal Group learned on Saturday.

Assisted by lawyer Allan D. Busmente, the 13 signed an affidavit virtually “clearing” their arresting officers of any criminal case.

“That we are not, and we do not intend in the future to file any case, criminal or administrative case before the PNP, against the CIDG-NCR personnel who were part of the operation. That during the execution of this affidavit, we were assisted by a lawyer, and we made this voluntarily and with our own free will,” the Asian nationals said.

The 13 who affixed their signatures to the affidavit were Lin Andan, Nian Xian, Niu Howy, Ki Kin, Yi Aile, Zhang Fui, Lwei Wen, Li Meiyi, Jimmy Juang, A Shui, Xiao Yan, Wu Wei Long, and Peng Jun.

Their affidavit was subscribed by Parañaque City-based lawyer Carlos M. Carlos on Thursday.

In their affidavit, the 13 Chinese nationals, all residents of Marina Bay, Atlantic Avenue in Barangay Tambo, Parañaque City, deposed that they were arrested by members of the CIDG-NCRFU last March 13 at Marina Bay for illegal gambling.

They said that they were later brought to the CIDG-NCRFU headquarters in Camp Crame for booking procedures. “Aside from the pieces of evidence they have recovered during their operation, the CIDG-NCR never took money or any personal belongings from the undersigned,” the 13 said.

“We were eventually released from detention, and we were advised by our lawyer that this is because the CIDG-NCR failed to file a complaint on time with the proper authority,” their affidavit added.

The 13 also said that after they were released by the CIDG-NCRFU, “we were requested by the PNP Office of the Deputy Chief for Administration to file a complaint against the personnel of CIDG-NCR who conducted the operation. But we refused to do so because we did not see any irregularity committed against us during the conduct of [the] said operation.”

The chief of the CIDG-NCRFU, Colonel Hansel M. Marantan, requested his “immediate relief” in view of the ongoing investigation into the alleged irregularities committed by some of his men during the Parañque City operation.

The official told PNP-CIDG director, P/Brig. Gen. Romeo M. Caramat Jr. that he requested for his immediate relief because of alleged irregularities in the performance of duties by some of his men.

“This is also to avoid speculations that the undersigned will influence the result of the investigation,” Marantan, the police official tasked to pursue the government cases against Negros Oriental (3rd District) Representative Arnolfo Teves, told the PNP-CIDG director on Tuesday.

Marantan asked to be relieved from his post amid charges that some of his men who arrested the 13 Chinese nationals playing mahjong in Marina Bay demanded a huge amount of money from them in exchange for their release.

Another complaint is that one of the Chinese nationals lost his “very expensive” watch to the arresting team, although it was reportedly returned.

The incident angered PNP Deputy Chief for Administration, Lieutenant Gen. Rhodel O. Sermonia, who on Thursday went to the PNP-CIDG headquarters in Camp Crame to talk to the officers and men of the unit where he used to be assigned during his “junior days.”

“Today, allow me do away with the formalities and talk candidly, especially in light of the issues that had hounded our institution. As your Deputy Chief PNP for Administration, I am strongly reiterating the PNP’s commitment towards our Internal Cleansing Program,” he said.

“In this regard, I am reminding all police personnel, especially our operatives, of their accountability [for] their actions and how missteps could aggravate the already battered image of the Philippine National Police,” Sermonia said.

The PNP’s no. 2 man asked officials of the PNP Intelligence Group (IG), the PNP Internal Affairs Service (IAS) and the Human Rights Affairs Office to join him in going to the PNP-CIDG headquarters to prevent speculations that he is trying to make it “personal” with some of the CIDG officers involved.

“Wala po akong pinepersonal, wala akong binabata, wala akong pinapaboran. I am here to remind you of your place in the organization. Of your duty to respect the offices and the ranks above your pay grade. More importantly, to echo loudly, in case you have forgotten, that nobody can get away with any display of arrogance and disrespect to the badge and authority conferred and entrusted to us by the people as uniformed servicemen of the government,” he said.

He even said that to “those who have dishonored their badge, do not believe that you are well connected and untouchable, and can get away with your crimes. Please take note, that will not happen.”

“I guarantee that once the truth is out about you, the people you say will back you up, people you say you are connected with, will be the same people who will renounce you, deny you, and call for your dismissal in the service,” he warned.