The reason why you crave for cheese, fries

February 18, 2023 People's Journal 1260 views

AS we age, we suffer certain health deficiencies. However, the impact is much greater on women than men. A deficiency in one of the brain chemicals would trigger weight gain, fatigue, stress and mood swings.

If you crave for cheese or fries, or you need to write things down to avoid forgetting them; love to try new foods; have lost a lot of muscle tone over time; have a dry mouth or skin; prefer to be alone rather than in a large group; often feel agitated and can’t get enough of new ideas or experiences – you are suffering from acetylcholine deficiency.

Acetylcholine is responsible for the brain’s speed and processes, keeping memory sharp and physical movements quick and precise. Women with perimenopause experience this.

To produce more acetylcholine, you need to eat three servings of healthy fats from eggs, olive oil, avocadoes, fish or nuts every day. These foods provide mega doses of vitamin B choline which is converted into acetylcholine. A study showed that eating eggs at breakfast can reduce hunger, boost energy and help the body burn belly fat to more than 83 percent.