Perspectives from NYC: Happy b-day Albert ‘Teng’ Cansino!

June 18, 2021 Tess Lapuz-Lardizabal 1410 views

LardizabalHERE, use my phone. Go around. Make sure you return here at the same spot where we can see you.”

His concern was genuine, not feigned. My new friend was lending his cellphone to me, a virtual stranger. Politely, I declined. Then I went on to wander around in unfamiliar Canadian territory, secure with the thought that I could get lost but still find my way back to the hotel.

I smiled and thanked heavens. I was in good company. I was with a male angel.

It was in downtown Montreal where I first met Albert Cansino. He was mild-mannered and soft-spoken. Not a bit condescending unlike the typical attitude of many old-timers towards ‘mga bagong salta sa Amerika.’

A true gentleman.

He tells his stories not behind rose colored lens. Albert shares his American experiences as is, where is. No strainers, no sieves. Just everything with all the dirt.

Albert, or Teng, as he is endearly called by friends and fam, is impossible to hate. He is likeable, lovable, and cherishable in every sense.

He gladly lends a hand and priceless wisdom — honed by challenges and triumphs — to those who need them.

Teng is at his best element when in the company of family and his best buddies, the so- called secret society of ‘Gallagher Boys,’ as well as their loving wives and kids. Despite having lived in New York for a fraction of his lifetime, Teng’s heart remains in his beloved Philippines, tending to his immense agricultural investments and surrounded by kin and Pinoy pals who adore him dearly.

This doting dad is also proud of his kids and their exemplary achievements.

Albert comes from the German name Adalbert which means noble and bright. It also means hope, happy and calm, assertive and to the point. These aptly describe Teng and so much more.

Due to his positive aura, it is no wonder then that people naturally gravitate towards him. Teng is a walking friendship magnet. His inner circle remains loyal to him simply because he is a natural soul. Yet amiable Teng wouldn’t hesitate giving a reprimanding word or two when he sees something amiss in somebody, specially those close to him. He definitely inspires.

This perhaps explains why he has been blessed with a good life, prosperity as well as nurturing friends and family.

On your birthday, may you continue to be the brightest light for others, a caring shoulder to lean on and a true and compassionate friend for a lifetime.

May you remain to be in the best of health and be surrounded by the laughter and flowing love from your family, kin and friends. We love you! Cheers!


Would like to applaud Globe Telecom for being blessed with hard-working and customer-friendly Executive Escalation Officer Maris Geronimo.

Miss Geronimo renders service with compassion and extraordinary patience. She is also chirpy and makes sure that clients who are not ‘techy’ are not embarrassed by their unfamiliarity with problems related to their phone woes.

This part time decorator and stylist, and full time plantita is definitely one of Globe’s gems. Her customer relations skills is priceless and worth being emulated by others.

Amid the prevailing COVID-19 situation, Geronimo serves as ray of sunshine and source of smiles. Keep it up!

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