PBBM welcomes new Japanese envoy to PH

April 5, 2024 People's Journal 138 views

THE trilateral agreement between Japan, the Philippines and the United States is one of the building blocks of peace and stability that is good for the region, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said on Thursday.

“We have the prospective trilateral agreement with the United States. Coming up on 12th of this month. We promise that I will be going to Washington to have a [meeting] with the American President,” President Marcos said in welcoming to the Palace newly-appointed Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Endo Kazuya.

“So, these are building blocks that I think are good for the region, for our countries of course, but for the region. Let’s just do the work to continue to keep the peace that is to make the most important part all of that we do,” the President stated.

He further stressed that when it comes to foreign policy and geopolitics, the most important thing is that “we must find a way to keep peace,” but also underscored the necessity to respond to the actual situation on the ground.

“As I say this, keep the South China Sea an area as part of the world where there is freedom of navigation and trade. That’s all we wish for and so we are happy that once we try to do that we have you as part of it,” he said.

The President also noted that Japan’s assistance to the Philippines in equipment and also in training is very important, especially if complemented by support from other allies such as Australia, United States, Japan, and South Korea.

For his part, Kazuya noted that the strong, historical, traditional ties of the Philippines and Japan have strengthened further. “ [We’re] even prouder for the strength of our two nations and there are lot of things that we have to do whether in the security field or in the economic field,” Kazuya said as he presented his credentials to President Marcos.

“And our people-to-people exchanges between the two countries and when in the security field, we are working hard for the conclusion of the Reciprocal Access Agreement between the two nations,” he pointed out.

The Philippines and Japan celebrated 67 years of normalized relations on July 23, 2023, and 12 years of Strengthened Strategic Partnership since 2011. Japan remains one of the Philippines’ most dependable partners through various channels, including Official Development Assistance (ODA), maritime security, and trade and investments.

In February 2023, President Marcos traveled to Japan for an Official Visit and had a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on February 9 and an audience with H.M. The Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako.

In December last year, President Marcos visited Tokyo anew to participate in the 50th ASEAN-Japan Commemorative Summit.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida earlier traveled to Manila in November 2023 for an official return visit.

The two nations are working to strengthen their trilateral engagements with the US, which include defense, economic, and technology, among others. PCO