Luis enjoys marriage, gains weight and told to lose it

June 24, 2021 People's Journal 337 views

LUIS Manzano has been chosen by Santé International as their endorser of of Sweet Via, a sweetener from natural sources such as potent natural plant ingredients like Chicory Root Fiber Inulin and Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana), a safe herbal extract that aids in keeping blood sugar low.

“I just turned 40 this year and, as we grow older, we should be more careful with what we eat,” says Luis. “I know people get diabetes either genetically or because of their food choices. Me, I’m really into sweets. I love dessert and ice cream. You know, I gained weight during this pandemic. Even my stylists, nahihiya sila, but they have to tell me to lose weight kasi it doesn’t look good on TV. Calorie deficit is the answer to losing weight. Because of Sweet Via, I now have a healthy alternative that enables me to satisfy my cravings without getting diabetes. Dahil sa Sweet Via, nakikita ko na ulit yung baba ko, kaya sobrang okay talaga siya for me kasi even other people notice na pumapayat na uli ako.”

He and wifey Jessy Mendiola have been married since February but they only revealed it last April. So how is married life so far?

“You know, it sounds superficial, but just wearing this wedding ring is already so sweet for me,” is his short but very meaningful answer, indicating he really enjoys being married.

It’s not surprising that Luis lost weight with Sweet Via as the addition of inulin in it has been found to normalize blood lipid and glucose levels. It also decreased body weight. A single 1g sachet of Sweet Via instantly provides a sweeter taste to any food recipe minus the harmful effects of too much sugar.

Luis reveals that he’s now more relaxed with Sweet Via. “I could sleep better knowing that my choice to use Sweet Via in my daily diet is both effective and excellent as it’s natural and plant-based.”

So why did Sweet Via get Luis as their brand ambassador? “Luis Manzano lives the ideal lifestyle that perfectly represents Sweet Via as he is enjoying a balanced life that is both active and healthy,” says Santé’s CEO Joey Marcelo. “We are honored to officially welcome Luis to the Santé family, and we look forward to the exciting projects that we’ll do with him in the months to come.”

As one of the most influential celebrities in the entertainment industry today, Luis Manzano is in the prime of his career with an extremely hectic schedule that consists of several thriving business ventures, multiple brand partnerships, and top-trending TV shows.

For over a decade, Santé International has successfully positioned itself as a trusted industry leader in the Philippines that is consistent in developing ang distributing superior quality food supplements that help the body’s over-all wellness. Sweet Via is now available in leading Mercury Drug stores, Watsons, The Generics Pharmacy, Puregold, Lawson, The Landmark, All Day Supermarkets, and order online thru Lazada and Shopee.