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Fisherman shoots self with shotgun

June 10, 2023 Christian D. Supnad 94 views

MAGSINGAL, Ilocos Sur – A fisherman allegedly shot his own head with a shotgun and died on the spot in Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, Saturday.

Local police said the 55-year-old victim was a resident of the said barangay in Magsingal.

According to a nephew of the fisher, he was watching television inside their house when he heard gunfire coming from their garage.

Startled by the loud sound, the nephew opened the garage door and discovered the victim lying on the ground with a gunshot wound on his head using a “homemade” shotgun.

This prompted him to call their neighbors and report the incident to Magsingal police.

Police are still investigating the incident.