Erwin Tulfo

Zubiri: Tulfo to get due process

December 12, 2022 Camille P. Balagtas 481 views

CONTROVERSIAL Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Erwin Tulfo is facing rough sailing in the Commission on Appointments due to numerous legal impediments that he is facing.

In a press conference, Monday Dec. 12, 2022, Senate President Miguel Zubiri revealed that although he is very much impressed with the performance of the Social Welfare chief, specificallyin times of disasters, the numerous issues against him includingbhis libel conviction and the US citizenship issue will be tackled by the Commission on Appointments with legal luminaries.

“The CA has never confirmed anyone with final conviction especially from the Supreme Court. And libel is considered an issue of moral turpitude, and there is a precedent already. But we will still seek the wisdom of friends of court and legal luminaries,” he said.

Tulfo was bypassed by the powerful CA but the President can still reappoint him. If he is bypassed again, he can still be reappointed a third time which by then the CA will have to vote.

“We will still give him his due process as far as his citizenship is concerned. We need to get a certification that he is no longer a citizen. But he admitted to us that he used his US passport last 2021,” Zubiri said.

Zubiri said although he is an asset to the Marcos administration that they have no other option but to perform their constitutional mandate and to do what is legally right for the country.

Meanwhile, in a phone patch interview with Senate media, Secretary Tulfo expressed confidence that he will be able to answer all the issues being raised against him.

Tulfo said that no less than President Marcos assured him that he continues to have his trust and asked him to continue doing a good job.

Tulfo said he is ready to answer point by point the legalities being used against him at the right time