Zoren and Carmina proud of the project they almost refused to do

December 16, 2021 Mario Bautista 414 views

THE End of Us’ starring real life married couple Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi have jumped the gun on the “Doctor Foster” project being done by another network about marital infidelity.

Directed by the young and talented Zig Dulay, they also play a married couple in the story whose marriage was ruined when Zoren had an affair with another woman, played by former beauty queen Ariella Arida.

We’ve seen the trailer and their acting is very convincing. We guess their edge is that they are really married in real life, so you know that they are not just acting but merely re-enacting fights and conflicts that possibly happened to them before. This is one show we should all look forward to in GMA-7’s Afternoon Prime starting December 20.

“It certainly helped that they’re really a married couple kasi natural na natural ang mga eksena nila together,” says Direk Zig at their zoom presscon. “Bucket list kong maidirek silang dalawa and they really give their best in this show.”

“Ansarap namang pakinggan mula sa aming director na bucket list niyang idirek kami ni Zoren,” says Carmina. “Actually, I’m very thankful that I was given the chance to work with him kasi napakagaan niyang katrabaho. He’s very giving kahit mabigat ang story namin about marital breakup. I’m looking forward to work with him again and this will not be the end us.”

So how is it working with Zoren? “We both got excited kasi we’re not always given the chance to work together. Hesitant kami noong una because of what’s happening to MIna’s dad. Labas-masok kasi siya sa ospital. Also, hindi namin sana tatanggapin ito kasi ayaw naming sabay kaming walang wala sa bahay. Dapat may maiwang isa, e ito, sabay kaming naka-lock in.”

They had to study it well before accepting it. “Yes, we did a lot of thinking muna. But GMA execs urged us to accept it as it’s really a good project. Kaya nag-usap kami ni Zoren and we decided na sige, gawin na natin ito and now we’re very thankful we accepted it kasi it really turned out well. I now want to say thank you to everyone: our bosses, the creative team, our co-stars, talagang taas ang kamay namin sa inyong lahat because this is truly a very memorable project of us. Ibang-iba kami rito.”

“After watching the trailer and the music video, I got emotional kasi ang ganda talaga,” says Zoren who’s wiping away his tears. “Lahat ng kasama namin sa production na ito, puro magagaling, and it’s really a blessing and great opportunity na mapili kami para magkasama sa programang it. I got to work with Direk Zig before in “Sahaya” and “Sirkus” but ibang-iba itong ‘The End of Us’.

He has a very, very good future in the industry kasi he not only enjoys what he’s doing but he makes sure that his work is something people will truly appreciate. As an actor, kapag nakita mo yun, ng isang aktor sa director mo, gusto mo ring mapantayan yung passion and dedication niya. I’ve been in this business for 30 years and I salute him. I told him he’s one of my favorite directors now.

‘The End of Us’ is really a masterpiece. There’s something new in the project. Marami nang ganitong show na about mag-asawang naghiwalay, but somehow this is different, kakaiba ang timpla and you want to watch it right away.”

Zoren admitted he was reluctant to do it at first. “Kasi kapag magkasama kami ni Carmina, nag-aaway kami as she has her own style and I have my own. Sa bahay, the kids laugh at me. Whatever I do is funny to them. Kasi si Mina, alam nila, she’s a good performer. She just won a best actress award in an international filmfest in Australia for ‘Sunod’. She’s an organic actress. Tawa ‘yan ng tawa pero kapag tinawag na para mag-take, ayan, umiiyak na agad. Ako i’m a technical actor, so magkaiba talaga ang styles namin and the kids, mas panig sila sa mama nila. But I got surprised kasi impressed na impressed sila sa acting ko rito, humahanga sila. Kasi with this project, I felt that I really need to push myself para di na nila ako pagtawanan and I want to set a good example doon sa kambal.”

“Yes, kakaibang Zoren ang ipinakita niya rito,” says Carmina. “Malaki ang naitulong niya sa akin sa acting ko in our scenes together. He gave his 101 percent so congratulations for a job well done. I’m so proud of you in this show, Tatay.”

“Wow!” Zoren exclaims. “Coming from you, that’s really a compliment. Kasi normally, isa ka sa bashers ko when it comes to acting. So I was right when I said tanggapin natin ito at magpakitang gilas tayo. I hope the viewers will enjoy it also.”