Zara Lopez

Zara and Simon iginawa na ng sariling FB page ang bagong baby

February 4, 2023 Aster Amoyo 1761 views

NAKAPAGSILANG na ang Viva Hot Babes member na si Zara Lopez ng kanyang second child, her first sa kanyang present partner, ang TikToker na si Simon Joseph Javier (with 9.8-M followers on TikTok).

Isinilang ni Zara si Baby Sapphire Love Javier ng 6 p.m. via Caesarian section sa Pasig Doctors Medical Center last Friday, January 3, 2023.

“I had a myoma so we had to go for C-section delivery. It was challenging for me but it was worth it,” ani Zara.

“We just made a page for Babby Sapphire and now she has 32,000 followers on Facebook,” patuloy pa niya.

“She’s our lucky baby. We received so many projects nd we now have a new van. We will also have our own house very soon,” kuwento pa niya.

Zara’s TikTok page has now 4.2M followers at ito’y dahil na rin sa kanyang comedy and inspiring videos.

The former sexy actress’ eldest daughter (from her previous relationship) na si Reece Buenavantura turned 16 last January 7, 2023.

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