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Zamora clarifies ‘unpaid’ retirees’ benefits issue

March 1, 2023 Arlene Rivera 1925 views

SAN Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora belied the allegations of Senator JV Ejercito on the non-payment of terminal benefits of retired employees of the local government.

On Monday, Senator Ejercito said several retired employees from the San Juan City government sought assistance regarding the non- release of terminal benefits.

But Zamora called the claim of Ejercito as politically motivated and preposterous because the 122 claims already released were Estrada appointees and hires, proof that there was no bias in the selection process as to who will receive the benefits.

“Since 2019, the City Government of San Juan has released Terminal Leave Benefits of former City Government employees amounting to P45,934,981.03 to 122 claimants, including that of former Mayor Guia Gomez and key members of the previous Estrada administrations, ” the statement said.

“The releases are based on a schedule that we strictly follow for budget management purposes to ensure that all aspects of local governance are given attention to. We cannot release all terminal benefits in one tranche because it will have an adverse effect on the city’s budgeting and finances.”

Zamora said, given that the Estradas were in power for 49 years, from 1969 until 2019, it is only expected that those applying for Terminal Leave Benefits are politically affiliated with them as their long time employees.