Xian, na-senti sa pagpapa-renovate ng bahay ng ina

May 6, 2023 Vinia Vivar 281 views

Maagang nagbigay ng tribute si Xian Lim sa kanyang inang si Mary Anne Lim para sa Mother’s Day sa May 14.

Nag-post si Xian sa kanyang Instagram ng larawan ng kanilang bahay at hindi niya maiwasang mag-senti sa tahanang ipinundar ng kanyang ina.

“I’m currently renovating @mommymaryanne ‘s old house. This property has a whole lot of sentimental value para sa amin. This is the place where I lived most of my life before we moved to the States,” simula ni Xian.

Nagbalik-tanaw ang aktor kung paano naipundar ng kanyang ina ang kanilang bahay.

“This is also the first property my mom bought when she had enough money to purchase her own place. Her principle was simple… (sorry for sharing this story mom. I know you’re very private but I’m sure this may inspire others)

“She built a house not only for herself but also for my lola, lolo and siblings. Mom always thinks of other first bago ang sarili niya. Growing up, she always reminded me of saving up so that one day, I’ll be able to afford my own place.

“Moving forward with the story… Decades later, everyone left and moved on with their lives. My mom never left lola and lolo. They’re still with us up ’til this very day. They’re alive and well (almost in their 90′),” pagbabahagi ni Xian.

Proud ding ikinuwento ng aktor ang pag-aalagang ginawa ng mommy niya sa kanyang lolo’t lola, gayundin sa kanya.

“Mom wakes up at 5am to makes sure everyone is fed (including me) … to sum up this story, Iba iba naman ang tao. I’m happy that we may have a small circle, but we know deep inside love is there at walang iwanan. Maybe what I’m trying to say in this post is… lets all try to give love back to those who care for us in this world,” aniya.

“This old house symbolizes the strength, independence, selflesness and unconditional love my mom continues to impart sa akin. (ang dami ko nang sinabi. Senti lang. Also nice to remind ourselves from time to time our ‘Why’s’… why do we continue to push forward each day?)

“There may not only be one answer to this question but one I can share is to give love back and be a blessing to others in whatever form it may be. Keep Lovin’, Keep Dreaming,” pagtatapos ni Xian.