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WOW products to enrich your home living

August 20, 2021 People's Tonight 157 views

Taipei — Four outstanding Taiwan Excellence award-winning companies ─ ARTCERA CORP., YZTEK CO., LTD., TAIWAN GLASS IND. CORP., and SEDA CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. took centerstage in the 2021 Household Goods Online Product Launch that was done via livestream.

Among the most novel products introduced during the launch include a reusable Travel Mug, a Heat Wave Massager, a Plug-in Stove Safety device, Designer Glassware, and a Smart-Health mattress.

From the start of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on householdconsumption patterns and people’s personal living habits. Since people are spending more time at home during COVID, the demands of housework and home comforts have increased significantly compared to pre- pandemic levels, according to Mark Wu, Executive Director of the Strategic Marketing Department of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s premier trade promotion organization.

The Household Goods Online Product Launch included short presentations from each of the featured companies:

1. ARTCERA CORP. (Brand Name: ACERA)

The strength of ACERA’s mug is its capability to release far infrared rays and negative ions, which give users a pleasurable experience when every time they drink from it. Furthermore, all ACERA mugs are stylish and eye-catching.

With regard to another of ACERA’s amazing products, the Heat Wave Massager, the energy released from the ceramics combined with warm water, enters the body through resonance to rapidly relieve muscle stiffness and fatigue.

2. . . . YZTEK CO., LTD.

YZTEK has invented e+Autoff, the world’s first automatic stove switch off device. With its exclusive patented automatic fire-off function, you can now upgrade your original gas stove and make it a smart one.

Its new invention – Airenewal System – which came out this year, can turn your normal range hood into another level of smart system range hood that keeps the air clean. The higherthe heat is, the faster it works to expel smoke and dirt.


Taiwan Glass is currently the 4th largest glass manufacturer in the world, and established a new brand of tableware and home decoration – TG in 2018.

Its Heat-resistant Water Pitcher Set has a cup that matches seamlessly with the pitcher; second, the thin glass allows liquid to flow wide in the mouth; and third, the almost lip-less edge of the cup decreases the oxidation of beverages while drinking. With its simple yet stylish and sleek design, TG has been awarded the RED DOT Design award this year.


SEDA has its own brand called the IMAGER-37, and it includes products such as memory foammattresses, pillows, seat back cushions and OA furniture, among others. In particular, the mattresses arewidely used in many of Taiwan’s most famous hotels and hospitals.

Its AeroKaki+ Series Mattress integrates Phase Change Material (PCM) with Temperature-Sensitive and Viscoelastic Memory Foam (TSVMF) to provide the perfect body envelopment, support to the spine and, most importantly, facilitate internal temperature regulation and control.

TAITRA launched the Taiwan Global Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion for the fight against COVID-19. The website features an anti-pandemic products and solutions provider section for information on suppliers or any particular business solutions, where visitors can reach out to more then 2,000 Taiwanese companies. There’s also a Medical Services section that provides information on 20 of Taiwan’s top medical institutions, plus a view of Taiwan’s strategies to stop the spread of the virus. Just visit

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