Woman Claims Stepdad Called Family After He Died

June 9, 2021 People's Tonight 231 views

Rebecca Shepherd
Published 15:17, 05 June 2021 BST 

voicemail1This is the voicemail that a woman claims was left by her stepdad… after he passed away:

The TikToker – @princessguardd – posted the video on to her account with the caption: “True story! This is how I know the afterlife exists #paranormal #paranormaltok #witchtok #witch #witches #ghost #ghosts #fyp #foryou #foryoupage.”

An explanatory text on the video itself reads: “Thinking about how my stepdad called us after he died in an accident in 2012. He died in April 2012 and this message happened August 2012.”

So… she’s claiming is that her late stepdad left a voicemail four months after his passing. OK, cool.

The message left behind says: “Guess who… guess who?”

Credit: TikTok/princessguarddCredit: TikTok/princessguardd

letterUp to now, the video has been watched over 1.7 million times and has more than 380,000 likes and 10,000 comments.

Some of the people replying to the post said they felt negative vibes, with one writing: “I instantly got the chills and my eyes are watering. That’s definitely an Evil Spirit.”

Another added: “Nope, that’s demonic. I got chills when the voice played.”

A third person agreed: “That’s an evil spirit or something, I got chills and a bad gut feeling when it was played.”

Sharing their own story, one person said: “My grandma died in 06 and her voice would be the answering machine if you tied to call my grandparents.

“My grandpa changed it from her voice to the automated one.

“Six or so months after she died my mom called my grandpa and he didn’t answer and I can’t make it up, my grandma’s old answering machine played.

“It did it two times in a row. The third time my grandpa answered and he had no idea what my mom was talking about. And then it went away.”

Credit: TikTok/princessguarddCredit: TikTok/princessguardd

voicemail1Sharing another anecdote, another TikToker said: “My answering machine has been my grandmothers voice who passed away.

“We called and changed it a couple of times in the past 16 years but it always changes back to her voice shortly after.”

Another wrote: “OMG after my gfs grandpa died she was talking to her gma on speaker and I overheard her gpa come through just like this!!!

“It was crazy he said ‘I just wanna tell you my thoughts and feeling and-‘ then her gma hung up cause she freaked out but I was a 3d party and heard it.”

Don’t know about you, but I’m never listening to a voicemail again.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/princessguardd