Woman claims she met ‘screaming ghost’ in hospital

August 17, 2022 People's Tonight 794 views

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A woman shared on social media a horrific paranormal experience she experienced at the National Hospital of Itaugua (Paraguay), where she went to visit her mother.

Facebook user Zenny Suarez spoke about the mysterious paranormal phenomenon after visiting her mother, who was in the hospital.

A young woman, in the midst of her nightly visit to her mother in the hospital, heard heart-rending screams coming from an empty hall.

“9 days ago I was in the hospital with my mom and I had to go through something that I didn’t believe in,” Zenny wrote, saying that she was initially intrigued by the sounds coming from the patients room.

In a post that quickly went viral, the woman detailed that she then saw a “suffering soul” flying around the hospital.

Her words can be confirmed by the medical staff of the institution. She told the doctors about this, who told her the horrific story of a ghost they named Maria Soledad.

According to various versions, it was a patient who several years ago was admitted to intensive care with injuries sustained in a group fight.

In addition, many employees of the medical facility claimed that neither the nationality of this woman, nor where she came from was known.

Since the day of her tragic death, they claim that they often see her ghost wandering at night, as many people have met her several times on stairs or elevators.

This case shocked Suarez and her family, so she decided to share it with her users.

“This is horror – the silence of the night in long corridors. We all kept the rosary with us, walked and prayed all the time,” the woman concluded.