Woman Claimed That She ‘Gave Birth to 48 Alien Hybrid Babies’

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Posted: 03 Mar 2022 08:27 AM PST

Alien1An Australian woman once said that aliens had been using her to produce hybrid babies for several years. She insisted that she had given birth to 48 alien hybrid children.

In May 2001, 24-year-old Megan Liker married her husband. They wanted to have a child, but Megan could not get pregnant. It turned out that Megan could not have children due to the deterioration of her internal reproductive organs. According to the doctors, she has given birth many times. She was sure that she had never become pregnant before. It was suggested by a physician that she go through hypnosis in order to clarify the strange circumstances surrounding the patient’s past.

Under hypnosis, Megan told the doctors an incredible story that shocked them. Once she was walking along the alley of the city park when she suddenly noticed a UFO which was hovering over her. She became scared after the craft approached her, so she tried to run but suddenly felt that she was pulled up by the beam of light inside the craft. Megan felt dizzy and passed out.

The girl woke up in complete darkness and silence. She began to scream and call for help, but no one responded. Having examined the room by touch, the girl determined that she was in a tiny room with absolutely smooth walls and floor. Suddenly, a bright light flashed, and Megan was able to make out humanoid silhouettes. Two small creatures approached her and ordered her to get up. The creatures were unusually small. In a couple of minutes, she realized that they were not humans.

They were strange creatures with large heads and slender arms and legs. They looked over the girl with their huge black eyes. She was taken to a place that looked like a surgery room. The Grey alien began to carry out something like a medical examination, after which she was placed in a small room with transparent walls, floor, and ceiling. There were other human female captives seen through the transparent walls.

About two weeks later, her belly began to become round, and just a couple of months later, Megan gave birth to her first child. During the birth, several newcomers were present, who watched the woman writhing in front of them. As soon as the child was born, he was immediately taken away. But Megan managed to catch a glimpse of her child, which disgusted her. According to Meghan, hybrid babies looked like human babies, but they had huge eyes.

After a while, the “examination in the operating room” was repeated, and then another pregnancy followed, and another and one more. Meghan reported that the gestation times for hybrid babies were extremely short compared to human babies. The hybrid gestation was never more than 4 months. She said that she was kept at a base with pyramidal structures. In one building, the women were kept. And in another, the children were born.

In Megan’s case, this continued for over four years, during which she gave birth to 48 alien hybrid babies, after which she became sterile. She was returned to Earth, having her memory been erased.

NOTE: This account may seem fantastic and hard to fathom, but I have heard similar accounts over the years. One experiencer claimed that she had been inseminated and returned to her bed. Near the end of the first trimester of her pregnancy, she was once again abducted in order to give birth. This occurred 5 times before her 22nd birthday. Lon

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