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Wisdom in poetry

October 27, 2022 Bro. Clifford T. Sorita 293 views

SoritaDuring the last few months, I have a written a series of poems which reflects upon our day-to-day existence whose end goal is to provide some daily dose of thoughts we can ponder upon as slowly bring this year to end. Allow me to share to you some of these insights in poetry …

“BER” months are here,
So, let’s welcome it in cheer.
For Christmas is fast approaching,
Let’s dispel all acts of loathing.
57 Days are enough time to prepare,
To show how this season is to care.
More than just Jose Mari Chan’s carols,
Even of presents, foods and alcohols.
We celebrate Christmas to remind us,
Of how God’s gift of his Son, we entrust.

Time is fleeting, cherish it
Anger is destructive, avoid it
Love is uplifting, share it
Envy is poisonous, dump it.
Hope is inspiring, advocate it
Gossip is divisive, stop it.
Faith is transcendental, aspire it.
Fear is limiting, overcome it
And Life is temporal, live it

As we are GIFTED with Wisdom,
We GIVE forth the sharing of Knowledge.
As we are GIFTED with Financial blessings,
We GIVE forth the helping of the poor
As we are GIFTED with Skills & Talents,
We GIVE forth the dedication to our work.
As we are GIFTED with Family & Friends,
We GIVE forth the Spirit of Togetherness.
As we are GIFTED with the beauty of Nature,
We GIVE forth the sense of Stewardship.
As we are GIFTED with the breath of Life,
We GIVE forth the promise of a meaningful existence.
And, as we are GIFTED with the heritage of our Faith,
We GIVE forth the willingness to be part of Evangelization.

There is always a HIDDEN COST,
SOFT DRINKS don’t just cost 80 pesos per liter, it costs you your health.
CIGARETTES don’t just cost 5 pesos per stick; it costs you your Cancer Free life.
STREAMING APPS and the movies you watch don’t just cost 150 pesos per month; it costs you your quality time with loved ones.
EXCESSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA don’t just cost you a telco’s promo offering from 20 to 1,000 pesos, it costs you your privacy.
MOBILE GAMES don’t just cost you a Giga game data of 50 pesos and above, it costs you a good night’s rest.
and VANITY APPARELS don’t just cost you thousands of pesos in buying “branded originals”, it costs you your generosity of sharing your blessings to the needy.

You are BLESSED because you woke up this morning, while others have drawn their last breath.
You are BLESSED because you live in perfect health, while others lie sick in their hospital beds.
You are BLESSED because you had a good night’s rest, while others slept in the streets while it rains.
You are BLESSED because your family is whole and together, while others fight to keep their family intact.
Yes, you may not have the luxuries of Life but you are BLESSED knowing that you have what makes life worthwhile.

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