Why they flopped

January 15, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 206 views

A DIRECTOR cited two things on why some films failed at the box-office during the recent MMFF. One has to be pulled out from the theater. Yung tipong opens today, last day tomorrow. Ticket price is stiff and moviegoers could only afford one or two films and secondly the competition offered by foreign films.

Big budgetted Hollywood movies are shown after the festival at inaabangan ng marami. and if we may add baka there is no chemistry between the lead stars kaya hindi pinasok.

New horror queen

‘DELETER,’ the top grosser in the concluded MMFF marked the birth of an actress in the person of Nadine Lustre. Completely awed, she said she prefers to do out-of-the box projects. and work with directors who can mold her more and justify the recognition bestowed on her. Nadine is also given a new title., The new horror queen.

First and last love

THE love story of actress Helen Gamboa (what a lovely First Lady she would make) and Tito Sen. Sotto would be a perfect vehicle for a drama anthology MMK which bid goodbye recently. They were featured in Jessica Soho KMJS and we wonder, how do you compress 52 years in one segment? For a marriage that has more UPs than DOWN. what is the secret of their successful marriage?

Helen sums it up: we put the Lord as the center of our lives. We trust and respect each other.

Tito is my first and only love and I want to live with him for the rest of my life.

Another hot movie

FROM Ferlin Pareno comes this PR on “Tag-init” a project on Vivamax. Read on:

During a summer getaway, a young man experiences something that will change his life forever.

“Tag-init”, a film by Joey Reyes, tells the story of 17-year-old Martin (played by Clifford Pusing) who is forced to join his older brother Chino (Ali Asistio) to join him in a beach resort, together with Chino’s best friend Paolo (Aerol Carmelo) and his girlfriend Nadine (Yen Durano).

While Paolo and Chino are preoccupied with the sexy and liberated Nadine, Martin wanders on his own and spots another beach house. There, lives Adele (Franki Russell), a beautiful young woman with a sad story. Martin finds out that Adele is the kept woman of a politician’s son, Robbie (Marc Acueza), and she’s hoping, but helpless to break free. In that short period of time, Martin falls for her. Witness how a young boy transitions to being a man.

Aside from the compelling story, “Tag-init” will definitely showcase the gorgeous physique of the actors. It is interesting to note that Clifford Pusing is a swimmer, Aerol Carmelo and Ali Asistio have tough abs. Franki Russell is also a certified beach babe and Yen Durano’s curves will make you drool.

“Tag-init” will be available for streaming on Vivamax on January 20, 2023. By REMY UMEREZ