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Why peace is not coming to Ukraine

May 1, 2023 Paul M. Gutierrez 186 views

PaulAS you are reading this, dear readers, even the Western corporate mainstream media are now finding it hard to spin their reports as regards the taking over of Russian forces of the eastern city of Bakhmut in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine, more than a year after the start of Russia’s preemptive “special military operation.”

If you are curious enough and spend some of your time browsing thru the Internet and not just relying on the Western media to get your daily dose of “news,” you cannot help but realize that, yes, Jose, Bakhmut has fallen in Russian hands, paving their way for a bigger offensive towards western Ukraine and its capital, Kyiv (Kiev in Soviet times).

And no matter how the Western press and the neo-Nazi regime under Pres. Zelensky “romanticize” the battle there, the stark reality of defeat cannot be hidden.

It must have been this realization that despite tons of money and Western/NATO military “aid” Ukraine cannot possibly defeat the Russian military machine nor defend Bakhmut for as long as necessary that Zelensky sought the help of China with President Xi Jinping promising to send a “peace envoy” to Ukraine to discuss the terms of a possible peace settlement.

Around the month of April last year, the conflict could have been ended when both Russia and Ukraine agreed to talk. But then, the West thru then UK prime minister Boris Johnson descended on Kyiv to convince Zelensky not to entertain any thought of peace until Russia has been defeated militarily.

This has proved very costly for Ukraine as one year after that tete-a-tete, its situation has become far worse than it was while that of Russia continues to improve both in military and economic terms.

I have written here earlier that based on some estimates, it would take Ukraine some 40 years before its economy can return to its “pre-war” level in February 2022, before the start of Russia’s preemptive strike. And that level was one of the lowest by Western economic standards.

In the meantime, the war has practically bankrupted Ukraine. As truth be told, the billions in military and financial aid given to it by the West was never free—they are all loaded with “strings attached,” particularly in the exploitation of its natural wealth.

Translation? At the rate Ukraine is being leveled and if it’s any comfort, at the end of the day, even countries like the Philippines and Sri Lanka can take pride in claiming they are far more “economically advanced” than Ukraine, haha!

Of course, the “dividend” the West can get from Ukraine can only be collected in the event of a Ukrainian victory but with the way things are going now, it would be forfeit should Russia overpower Ukraine—that many have “predicted” as far back as the start of the conflict.

To my mind, the main reason why despite Ukraine is now ready to throw in the towel, peace is out of the question is because the global industrial military complex invested heavily in the Ukraine conflict would not want to see their money going down the drain with Russia as the victor.

It would be like the Russian Revolution all over again when the Bolsheviks nationalized all privately-owned enterprises, including foreign ones, after their triumph in 1917.

But then, Ukraine is truly hemorrhaging and we can only pity the people there—reports said that nearly half of its 40-million plus population had fled the country to become millions of illegal migrants. This is “Diaspora” of unimaginable scale, a humanitarian tragedy.

But who knows? Zelensky may suddenly grow a conscience and the courage to admit that it was his servility to the West that resulted in this calamity to his country. He surely would sue for peace— if he is still alive to make the announcement.

Then and only then, can the possibility of peace be achieved in Ukraine.

Indeed, that would be the day!