Why Julie Anne is glowing these days

May 11, 2022 Eugene E. Asis 979 views

GMA artist and Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose has been one of the most sought-after performers and TV personalities of her generation. She embodies a youthful beauty that is perfect fit for a beauty product brand.

This is the reason why Aqua Skin brand has chosen her to be the face of its product, the Aqua Skin Amino Collagen Powder.

Aqua Skin is a Japanese brand which produces topnotch and premium beauty and wellness products containing finest Japan active ingredients.

Aqua Skin Amino Collagen Powder is Japan’s most potent collagen powder made from premium and leading ingredient, ceramide. It is made to help give the skin a fair and youthful glow that can easily be incorporated with either hot or cold, including yogurt, drink.

Aside from helping skin to rejuvenate, it helps skin barrier against free radicals and promotes moisture within the skin.

At the launch and mediacon, Julie Anne looks glowing. Aqua Skin brand manager, Max Perez, says they really had Julie Anne in mind as their product’s endorser. “There have been suggestions from our team, but when her name cropped up, the search is over,” she says with pride. “I have been a fan, and when she talked earlier about her beauty regimen, and her ideas about life, the more I realized we couldn’t have better choices.”

Some writers say that aside from her positive attitude in life (including her choice of brands to endorse), Julie Anne looks so inspired now. It is quite obvious she’s in love, but when asked about the status between her and rumored boyfriend, Rayver Cruz, she said: “Mas mabuti siya na lang ang tanungin n’yo.”

But while she would not delve into giving other intimate details, Julie Anne hinted that Rayver is now quite close to her family. And if that doesn’t speak about everything, we must be hearing-impaired. By Eugene Asis