What makes it easy for Julia to work with Diego

June 12, 2023 Mario Bautista 441 views

JULIA Barretto and Diego Loyzaga have worked before in a TV series with ABS-CBN, but now, they’re paired together for the first time in a movie, “Will You Be My Ex?”, produced by Viva Studio and directed by Real Florido. It will be shown in theaters nationwide on June 21.

So what’s the movie all about? “It’s about college sweethearts who broke up and meet again after many years,” says Julia. “I play Chris, a fun-loving, perky and free spirited young woman who comes from a family of artists. Diego naman is Joey, who’s quiet, formal and comes from a rich, well-respected family.”

Since they have different family backgrounds, they encounter a lot of problems in their relationship and they eventually part ways.

So how is it working with Diego? “He’s fun and great to work with, such a gentleman and a real professional kaya napapadali ang trabaho namin,” says Julia. “Everyone on the set, led by Direk Real Florido, did their best and we all got along so well so we enjoyed shooting the movie.”

She got positive reviews for her last movie, “Expensive Candy”. How is “Will You Be My Ex” compared to that?

“Definitely, this one is very much more emotionally challenging. My role is quite heavy and it’s emotionally challenging in the sense na ‘yung journey ng character ko dito, is up and down, on and off, laging may push and pull na nangyayari sa buhay niya. Diego and I have several dramatic scenes and the story is really very touching, but it’s good that we were so supportive of each kaya naging very smooth lang ang trabaho namin.”

She says she didn’t have any difficulty portraying Chris in the film as the character is very well written.

“I am really grateful na ‘yung back story ng character ko is so clear and deep. So napagkukuhanan ko ‘yun ng inspiration, ‘yung character na mismo. I think very realistic ang pagkakasulat kay Chris at maraming makaka-relate sa kanya as she is so real in her fears, her doubts, the trials that she went through in the story.”

She’s glad that “Will You Be My Ex?” will be shown in theaters. “I am just grateful na we’re all back to watching films like before and it’s normal way again. I hope and pray that more and more people will be encouraged to watch movies in actual cinemas and on the big screen.”

She’s positively sure that moviegoers will support her movie with Diego Loyzaga even if they’re not an item in real life. It’s common knowledge that she’s happy in the arms of Gerald Anderson while Diego is now a dad and is very happy to have his first child.

Julia celebrated her 26th birthday last March with Gerald in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and, judging from the photos they posted, it’s obvious they’re very much in love with each other.

“I think for people now, it’s more important kung gaano kaganda ang story and how well crafted the movie is,” says Julia. “Hindi kailangang laging nali-link sa isa’t isa ang lead stars in a movie for people to be interested in it. And I can guarantee na we have a great story and a truly very entertaining movie in ‘Will You Be My Ex?’ so don’t miss it when it opens in theaters on June 21.”