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Water system facilities to ensure clean supply for Mayon evacuees

June 21, 2023 Jester P. Manalastas 211 views

A House leader assured Bicolanos of a sustainable water supply system in evacuation centers, especially during emergencies, like the current restiveness of Mt. Mayon.

In a statement, Ako Bicol Rep. Elizaldy Co, chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, said his office has taken a significant step towards enhancing disaster preparedness and ensuring the well-being of fellow Bicolanos.

With a strong commitment to public service, Co has ordered the implementation of a sustainable water supply system in every evacuation center across the region.

“It is our duty to ensure the well-being and safety of our fellow Bicolanos, especially during times of crisis. By providing sustainable water supply systems in evacuation centers, we are addressing a critical need and enhancing the resilience of our communities. This initiative will significantly improve the living conditions of evacuees and promote their overall health and hygiene,” he said.

Recognizing the crucial role water plays in safeguarding the health and safety of evacuees, Co understands the urgency of addressing the lack of clean and accessible water during times of crisis.

By establishing reliable water supply systems in evacuation centers, this initiative aims to alleviate the challenges faced by displaced individuals and enhance their overall living conditions during uncertain times.

“A testament to this commitment is the Level 1 water supply system that is nearing completion in San Andres Elementary School, which presently serves as an evacuation site for residents from Brgy. San Fernando and Brgy. Fidel Surtida, Municipality of Sto. Domingo, Albay,” Co said.

“The system will provide clean and reliable water access to the 1,789 displaced individuals currently staying at the center. Rep. Co’s proactive approach ensures that the basic needs of the evacuees are met, offering them a sense of security and comfort during their stay,” he added.

The solon said that the importance of having a sustainable water supply system in evacuation centers cannot be overstated.

“Clean and readily available water is vital for basic human needs such as hydration, sanitation, and hygiene. In disaster-prone areas, where access to clean water might be disrupted or limited, the consequences can be severe, leading to increased risks of waterborne diseases and compromised living conditions for vulnerable populations,” he stated.

The implementation of these water supply systems will have a profound impact on the affected communities. Evacuation centers will become more self-sufficient, with a continuous supply of clean water to meet the needs of evacuees. This will help reduce dependency on external aid and enable a more efficient response to emergencies, ensuring a faster and more effective recovery process.