Wanted felon tries to kill self to avoid arrest

October 16, 2021 Gil Aman 130 views

A MAN wanted for murder on Friday tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself after learning that policemen were about to serve a warrant for his arrest in his home in Magdalena, Laguna.

Laguna Police Provincial Office – PIO Lt. Col. Chitadel Gaoiran identified the suspect as Jerdy Dela Rosa, of Bgy. Munting Ambling, Magdalena town.

Dela Rosa, who is under heavy guard, is being treated at the hospital from stab wounds.

Gaoiran said Dela Rosa, who was charged with murder, ranks 6 in the list of Most Wanted Persons in the provincial level.

Police served a warrant for Dela Rosa’s arrest at 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

Bitoy Rubina, a relative of Dela Rosa, said instead of surrendering, the suspect grabbed a knife and stabbed himself repeatedly.

Lawmen brought Dela Rosa to Laguna Medical Center for treatment.