Sara Duterte

VP Sara: never squander lessons of past

August 29, 2022 People's Tonight 190 views

VICE President and Education Secretary Sara Z. Duterte on Monday advised the Filipino youth to use the lessons of the past to awaken the greatest heroes inside of them.

In her message, Duterte said the National Heroes Day should not only be spent reminiscing the selfless sacrifices of the heroes of the past but nurturing the longing for the same sense of patriotism.

“As we look back, may we never squander the lessons of the past and instead use them to awaken all the greatest heroes inside the hearts of every Filipino, especially the youth,” she said.

Jasmin dela Providencia, 16, a grade 10 public school learner in Cavite, agreed with the Vice President.

“Sa tingin ko po kasi ang mga kabataan ay mas open na sa mga nangyayari sa mundo, mas aware na, at most of the young people po kasi ay may compassion for others. Gumagawa na rin sila ng program to help others in need (I think the youth [nowadays] are more open to world events, they are more aware, and most of the young people have compassion for others. They are [even] conducting programs to help others in need),” she told the Philippine News Agency.

Dela Providencia said she has been volunteering to prepare their classroom for the in-person learning setup during the Brigada Eskwela, a small act showing her love for the community.

“Para po sa akin ang kabayanihan ay ang pagpapakita ng lingkod at pagmamahal sa ating bansa maliit man o malaki ang tulong na binigay mo nang walang kapalit (For me, being a hero can be shown through service and love for the country, whether great or small help, as long as you’re not asking for anything in return),” she added.

United Philippines

Duterte also underscored the need for unity, in honor of the old-time heroes and the cherished freedom and independence in the Philippines.

She also recognized those fighting for peace and even against terrorist groups.

“The blood of our National Heroes is the same blood of bravery, selflessness, and love of country and fellowmen that continues to flow across the nation today — now permeating into the minds and hearts of many Filipinos who have committed to the cause of rebuilding the nation from the rubbles caused by disunity, hatred, misunderstanding, and acts of hostilities perpetuated by anti-people, anti-government, and local terror groups that hostage the progress of the country for a long time,” she said.

She said it is very important to stay inspired by the actions of the country’s national heroes to maintain the spirit of patriotism in ensuring a land undivided.

“Today, let us honor our National Heroes with a promise that their sacrifices will serve as our light and inspiration as we vow to protect the integrity of our independence and the interest of our nation against those who wish for us to fail, to fall, and to break as a nation,” she added. Philippine News Agency