Voter registration

August 19, 2021 People's Tonight 557 views

THE decision of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) not to extend the voter registration period beyond the September 30 deadline should be welcomed by the public.

We share the view of the poll body that extending the voter listup period will have a potentially adverse effect on the timelines in preparations for next year’s elections.

Anyway, there are now more than 60 million registered voters for the 2022 balloting, when the nation goes to the polls to elect the successor of outgoing President Duterte.

But the poll commissioners extended the registration hours from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and to conduct voter registration even on Saturdays and holidays.

The extension will also delay other preparatory activities, notably those which depend on the finalization of the list of voters, said Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez, Records show that in the April 23, 1946 presidential elections, the country’s registered voters just numbered 2,898,604. Of the total, 2,596,880 actually voted.

Manuel Roxas was elected President, garnering 1,333,392 votes, while Sergio Osmena Sr. and Hilario Moncado came in second and third, with 1,129,996 votes and 8,538 votes, respectively.

Roxas, Osmena and Moncado were the standard bearers of the Nacionalista (LW), Nacionalista Party and Modernist Party, respectively.

And in the Nov. 8, 1949 national elections, with 5,231,224 registered voters, Elpidio Quirino of the Liberal Party was elected President. He got 1,803,808 votes.

Jose Laurel Sr. of the Nacionalista Party and Jose Avelino of the Liberal (Avelino Wing) came in second and third with 1,318,320 votes and 419,890 votes, respectively.

In next year’s political exercise, the more than 60 million registered voters are expected to troop to the country’s poll precincts to elect national and local government officials.

The poll body expects more people, many of them youngsters, to register on or before September 30 to enable them to exercise their right of suffrage on election day.