Vote Buyers


May 10, 2022 People's Tonight 338 views

THE country’s registered voters must also share the major part of the blame for the continued presence of vote-buyers and vote-sellers during national and local polls.

As in the past, last Monday’s political exercise, particularly in the countryside, showed anew the inability of the authorities to stop vote-buying and vote-selling.

“Kung anu-anong gimik ang ginawa ng mga kandidato, lalo na ang mga lokal na politiko, para lang makuha ang suporta ng mga botante,” lamented a barangay official.

“Ang hirap lang eh talagang napaka-hirap patunayan sa korte ang vote-buying dahil walang aaming namimili ng boto at nagbebenta ng boto,” the village official added.

Doubtless, grinding poverty brought about by lack of jobs in Third World nations, like the Philippines, forces people to sell their votes to the highest bidder during elections.

Corrupt but moneyed politicians resort to buying buy votes, knowing full well that it ensures victory.

Thus, the incoming Congress must come up with pieces of legislation aimed at finally ridding this nation of election-crazy people of vote-buyers and other poll cheats.

But it is certainly heartening to know that not all vote-buyers “ay nananalo.”

And vote-buyers, who are mostly local leaders, ought to be shocked into realization that it’s better to serve one’s constituents with honesty, honor and dignity.

Dahil nagiging politically-mature and mga botante sa Pilipinas, lalo na ang mga kabataan at edukado, baka darating ang araw na lalo kang hindi iboboto kapag namigay ka ng pera.