Vivamax sexy comedy ‘Pathirsty,’ a wild and chaotic adventure on love and friendship

July 21, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 757 views

Quench the thirst of your greatest desires, satisfy the cravings of your wildest thoughts, a new sexy-comedy movie is now the talk of the town, the Vivamax Original Movie — Pathirsty now streaming on Vivamax.

From the same universe of hit BL franchise – Gameboys, Pearl (Adrianna So) and Achilles (Kych Minemoto) are besties who are both suffering from the heartache of their failed relationships.

While Achilles clings to alcohol and uses the social media to vent out his feelings, Pearl tries her best to ignore her pain and enjoys herself as she fools around and have this so-called “sexcapades.”

Wanting her best friend to be happy after his social media meltdowns, Pearl plays cupid and tries to find the perfect dream guy for Achilles.

And so, they meet Ali (Alex Diaz), a handsome young man with a perfectly toned body who is also rich and is an heir to his father’s business empire.

Achilles and Ali immediately click, and Pearl pats herself on the back as she becomes the matchmaker for what looked like a perfectly happy ending for her best friend.

But things start to get a little complicated when Pearl realizes that she is also catching feelings for Ali.

As the three of them find themselves in a tangled web and an unfortunate love triangle, who will end up with Ali?

Will it be “friendship over” for Pearl and Achilles?

Join this crazy trio as they figure out the value of love and relationships through a wild and chaotic adventure.

Pathirsty is led by upcoming stars Adrianna and Kych who both received acting recognition after being a part of a hit web series, co-starring one of the most desired young actors of today, Alex.

A film by Ivan Payawal, director of Game Boys, comes another story that will give you a glimpse of modern love.

Also starring Chad Kinis, Bob Jbeili, Kate Alejandrino, make way for this Vivamax Original Movie that will not only tickle your funny bones but will also tickle your fancy.

Catch Pathirsty now streaming on Vivamax.