Vince takes on challenging role in ‘Hosto’

June 15, 2023 People's Tonight 376 views

To provide a better future for his wife and son, one man risks all.

Vince Rillon, winner of the Best Actor award at the 19th Asian Film Festival (2022) in Rome for Brillante Mendoza’s film Resbak, takes another challenging role in Hosto.

He plays Patrick, a twenty-something husband to Jenny (Alexa Ocampo), who gets involved with Daniel (Jay Manalo) a 50-year-old gay.

With Daniel as his sponsor, Patrick is able to secure a student visa in Japan. He has to leave his family in the Philippines and he knows it’s necessary so he can achieve his dreams for them.

But life in Japan is harder than Patrick thought. Every morning, he goes to school. Afternoons are spent working in a computer shop.

He also takes a second job of shoveling snow. But he still can’t earn enough to meet the increasing financial needs back home.

Pushed even further to his limits, Patrick finds himself joining his new friend Richard (Ali Asistio) as an entertainer or a “hosto” in a bar.

Customers want to bed him, but is he that desperate for money to accept their advances?

Patrick confides in Thea (Angela Morena), the compassionate, intelligent and helpful Filipina who also lives in the same hostel he’s staying at.

Thea has already acquired Japanese citizenship. She also happens to be harboring affection for Patrick. What Patrick didn’t expect is Thea’s proposition to solve his money problems.

What will Patrick do with all these indecent proposals? Can he find a better way to give his family the life that they deserve?

Directed by Jao Daniel Elamparo, Hosto also stars Denise Esteban, Isadora and Rey Pj Abellana.

It is available for streaming on Vivamax starting today, June 16.