Vilma and Luis on their most ‘oat-standing’ role yet

June 4, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 186 views

In the case of Vilma Santos and Luis Manzano, good looks, talent and a healthy lifestyle seem to run in the family.

Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos and TV host Luis Manzano are taking on their most “oat-standing” roles yet as the newest endorsers of Quaker Oats.

Known for their close and playful bond, the two are ecstatic to be endorsing a brand that stands for healthy living, something they both believe in.

“Definitely, we’re very very happy to be part of the Quaker Oats family. Plus, the fact that we are both passionate about healthy living, parang match made in heaven ang partnership na ito,” Vilma shared.

Like his mom, Luis was ecstatic to be joining the brand. “Quaker is a brand that I’ve been using for many years. Sobrang fan ako ng Quaker kasi it’s an easy and delicious ingredient I add in my daily meals to stay healthy. Kaya naman nung sinabi sa akin na ‘Luis, gusto ka naming maging officially maging part of the Quaker family,’ nakakatuwa talaga,” he expressed.

Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal and Quick Cook Oatmeal are products the mother-and-son tandem swear by. Made with 100% whole grain oats, it is packed with seven times more fiber versus white rice.

Oats lower cholesterol, aid in digestion and power up your day, making it the perfect way to jumpstart your morning. You can simply add hot water and the toppings of your choice to spice up the most important meal of the day.

As a known fitness buff, Luis emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s health, which is why Quaker Oats is the perfect fit for him. “’Yung Quaker Oats po kasi talaga is for healthy living, which becomes a priority as you get older.” The additional fiber in one’s diet provided by oats is key to maintaining a healthy digestive system. Moreover, every bowl of cooked oats provides the necessary fuel one needs to start the day strong.

Vilma is equally enthusiastic about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which makes aging gracefully possible. Research has proven that Oats help to lower bad cholesterol thanks to the power of beta-glucan which is a soluble fiber that prompts the liver to remove cholesterol from the blood.

Vilma recounted that she has been eating it for breakfast since she was young, which is why she has passed this habit on to her children as well. “Sa totoo lang po, when my siblings and I were young, talagang ang breakfast namin bago magpunta ng school ay Quaker Oatmeal. Yung classic oatmeal noong araw? I’m sure alam niyo yun. Pero ’yung pag-prepare ng oatmeal ngayon modernized na di ba? Pwede mong gawin champorado, o lagyan ng ibang ibang fruits para interesting. Malaking parte ng buhay ko ang Quaker,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Luis said that the overnight oats is his go-to snack. “’Yun talaga ang ginawa ko, baun-baon ko ’yan. ’Yung ginagawa ko, of course, oatmeal tapos may konting soymilk, tapos nilalagyan ko ng mga blueberries, tapos may konting almonds. Perfect na baon na ’yan.”

Whichever way you prefer to enjoy your oatmeal, take your cue from newest endorsers Ate V and Luis Manzano and pass on healthy eating habits to your family. Your mornings will never be the same.

The product is available at all leading supermarkets nationwide.