Villanueva vows to make Tupad program permanent

December 11, 2021 Arlene Rivera 239 views

Reelectionist Senator Joel Villanueva said he filed a bill seeking to expand and continue the government’s emergency employment program even in the next administration.

Villanueva, together with Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto, led the orientation of 416 beneficiaries of TUPAD program — a community-based package of assistance that will provide temporary wage employment for displaced workers, underemployed, and self-employed workers.

During the event , Villanueva said he filed Senate Bill No. 1455 to make the TUPAD program a permanent program of the government.

“We filed the bill in the Senate to institutionalize this program,” Villanueva, chairman of the Senate Labor Committee, told reporters after he spoke to TUPAD beneficiaries in Pasig City.

According to Villanueva, the funding for the program has been increased from P6 billion to P19 billion.

“We’re fighting for P49 billion next year. Hopefully, we get it, but the bottomline is we really need an emergency employment program,” Villanueva said.

The senator pointed out that the bill will provide short training for beneficiaries and will be assured of regular employment after graduating.

“So, we are still pushing for that and hopefully if not passed this coming Congress, we will still file it in the next Congress. But I think it is still important to note that employment is very important because employment is a vaccine against poverty,” the senator said.