Victimizing the poor

November 16, 2021 People's Tonight 80 views

IT is the attempt of some individuals to use the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic to “victimize” the people that the government must guard against.

They include hoarders and profiteers who jack up the prices of prime commodities, particularly food, beyond the reach of the poorest of the poor across the Philippines.

Concerned government offices and agencies must intensify their nationwide campaign against profiteering since overpricing of goods is an unconscionable act.

“Kailangang mahuli at maparusahan ang mga nagsasamantalang negosyante para huwag silang pamarisan ng iba pang nagtitinda,” said a furious consumer.

While the public concedes that traders, including retailers, must raise prices to realize profits, it must be at a level that consumers can absorb at this time of economic hardship.

In fact, many people are still jobless, awaiting the reopening of beleaguered business establishments, like small firms, that closed shop because of the crippling COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, however, the government lacks manpower resources to conduct surprise inspections in public and private markets in various parts of the country.

Thus, it will be up to the country’s consumers to report to concerned government offices amd agencies the presence of profiteers and hoarders in their localities.

Hopefully, well-meaning consumers, notably housewives, will wake up to their responsibility to help the authorities in going after profiteers and other unscrupolous traders.

Let’s help unburden our countrymen from the problem of high-priced goods and services.

Dapat lang!