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Vargas rallies salary hike for public servant professionals

December 3, 2023 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 148 views

QUEZON City 5th District Rep. PM Vargas has called for salary increases for government professionals such as teachers and health service practitioners as an all-year-round Christmas gift for dedicated public servants.

“Our public servants serve as the backbone of the State’s services for the people and deserve all the recognition for their invaluable contributions. They spend a big chunk of their lives serving other people. The least we could do to give back to them with increase in their salaries to foster a more efficient and motivated workforce,” said Vargas as he filed for several bills on wage increase for several government employees.

Among the legislators’ proposed laws for salary increases of government professionals are House Bill (HB) No. 1680 or Government Medical Doctors Salary Upgrading Act, HB 3776 or Salary Increase for Public Dentists Act, HB 4070 Upgrading the Salary of Teachers Act, and 5806 Nurse Appreciation Through Raised Salaries Act.

These legislations serve as continuity of those championed by the former QC 5th District Rep. Alfred Vargas, who is the legislator’s older brother.

As these bills are still pending with the House committee on approprations, Vargas noted, “The sooner these bills will move forward the sooner we can grant our professionals the gratitude for their dedication to service for the people, all year round. More than providing them higher wages, it’s making sure they are paid competitively among fellow professionals internationally.”

Teachers, doctors and nurses in the Philippines remain among the lowest-paid compared to their professional counterparts in many parts of South East Asia including Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.