US Defense Bill Will Allow Funding to Reverse Engineer UFO Technology

December 16, 2021 People's Tonight 359 views

Paul Seaburn December 13, 2021

Most people in the U.S. have resigned themselves to believe that their representatives in Washington take their good old time passing bills – if they act on them at all. That doesn’t seem to be the case with UFOs … yes, UFOs. Last month, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York submitted an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act to establish an “Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office” to consolidate the collection and analysis of all military-related Unidentified Aerial Phenomena data into one group – the Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office.

However, before that amendment could be acted on, the U.S House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (S. 1605), including the strong UAP provisions described in this article, on a roll call vote of 363-70, and sent the measure to the U.S. Senate where it is expected to pass this month. Why so fast? Could it be because this bill calls for funding to reverse-engineer UFOs? Does the military have something it needs to reverse-engineer right away?

UFO1What are they up to?

“(Supervise development of a) science plan to develop and test, as practicable, scientific theories to account for characteristics and performance of unidentified aerial phenomena that exceed the known state of the art in science or technology, including in the areas of propulsion, aerodynamic control, signatures, structures, materials, sensors, countermeasures, weapons, electronics, and power generation” (and try) “to replicate any such advanced characteristics and performance; and provide the foundation for potential future investments to replicate any such advanced characteristics and technology.”

That sounds like reverse-engineering, all right. interviewed Representative Ruben Gallego of Arizona, a sponsor of the legislation, who seemed to imply that the reverse-engineering will be the responsibility of one group in the DoD.

SpottedPentagon UFO Rapid Response Teams Ordered Up by Congress
Travis Tritten

The expansive measures come two weeks after the Pentagon announced a new group aimed at analyzing UAP (unidentif…

“Protecting our national security interests means knowing who and what are flying in US airspace, Right now, our system of tracking and identifying UAPs is scattered throughout the Department of Defense and other departments and agencies of the federal government.”

So, the Pentagon wants a single organization to be responsible for revere-engineering UFOs, it wants the budget money right away, and it doesn’t want any interference in bringing in the super-advanced technology, talking it apart, and replicating it — either physically or by computer modeling — for U.S. military personnel to be able to deal with them if and when they’re encountered again.

MilitaryAre they already working on it?

Does this sound like there’s something going on that needs to be addressed quickly? Is this to reverse-engineer technology long rumored to have been in the possession of Harry Reid’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP)? Or does the Pentagon already have Tic Tac UFOs in its possession? Is this rapid approval of the bill about budget money, getting the reverse-engineering done quickly, keeping it secret, or all of the above? Why is Congress so adamant about getting this UFO/UAP funding approved?

Will we get any answers? Have we ever gotten them before?