UFOs: What the U.S. Government Knows and What it Doesn’t Know

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Nick Redfern June 8, 2021

When it comes to the present fascination for UFOs – whether on the part of the public or the media – there are two words that surface on most occasions. Those words are “the government.” That the government doesn’t think the UFOs seen on CNN, 60 Minutes and countless other media outlets are extraterrestrial. But, the government can’t be sure. That the government is concerned about Russian and Chinese technology. That the government is no more in the picture than we are. And so on and so on. Here’s the important part of all this, though: just because we have various spokespeople in government keeping us up to date on what’s going on right now, doesn’t mean the government knows everything. That may sound odd, but it’s true. For example, as UFO sightings reached epidemic proportions across the USA in the summer of 1947, the military swung into action, and various studies and operations were formulated that ultimately unified into an official, investigative operation known as Project Sign. That project would, in 1948, make way for Project Grudge; and, finally, Project Blue Book, which continued until 1969. Collectively, the three projects concluded that no UFO sighting investigated officially had ever had a bearing on national security, and there was no evidence to indicate that any UFO sightings represented alien visitations.

It’s a little known fact that when the Air Force began its UFO investigations in the late 1940s, it quietly farmed out some of the work to companies that had preexisting, working relationships with the military. As the now-declassified files of Project Grudge show, one program in particular was quietly handed over to the Weather Bureau. The Air Force wanted the bureau’s staff to find out all that it could on a mysterious, rare, weather-based phenomenon. It is known as ball lightning. As for what, exactly, ball lightning is, there’s this from the EarthSky website: “The orbs are typically about the size of a grapefruit, moving slowly over the ground. They have been seen during electrical storms, hence the early theories that they were simply a different form of lightning. They usually disappear after 10 seconds, quietly, but sometimes a bang sound can be heard. They have even been observed to pass through closed windows!” Most people in the program knew nothing of the ball lighting off-shoot. And they were government. That’s an important issue.


If you bring up the matter of ball lightning with most UFO researchers, they will likely roll their eyes and dismiss the whole thing with a swift wave of a hand or two. The possibility that some UFO sightings might actually be the result of encounters with nothing weirder than ball lightning causes Flying Saucer seekers to fume, rage and stomp around. And blood-pressure quickly reaches dangerous levels. Believe me, I’ve seen it all. And it’s not a pretty sight. I remember seeing Stan Friedman once getting all bent out of shape when the words “ball” and “lightning” popped up together. Even in the UFO field, it’s not well known that the U.S. military tried to weaponize ball lightning. The story can be found in the pages of Survey of Kugelblitz Theories for Electromagnetic Incendiaries. It was the brainchild of W.B. Lyttle and C.E. Wilson. At the time, they were in the employ of Melpar, Inc., which is described as “an American government contractor in the 20th century Cold War period. At a time when most employment in Washington, D.C. was directly by the U.S. federal government, Melpar became an early private sector contracting company training a high technology workforce in the area.”

Lyttle and Wilson were assigned to the Edgewood Arsenal, and to what was intriguingly titled as a “New Concepts Division / Special Projects” operation. At the beginning of their 92-pages-long report, the two wrote: “The purpose of this study was to review the theory and experimental data on ball lightning, to compare the existing theory and experimental data to determine whether ball lightning is a high or low energy phenomenon, and if it is a high energy phenomenon define an effective theoretical and experimental program to develop a potential incendiary weapon.” It’s a fact that the work done by Lyttle and Wilson – which had an undeniable UFO tinge attached to it – could have provoked sightings of what witnesses might have assumed were UFOs. Notably, in the 1960s, the work of Lyttle and Wilson was carefully kept away from the Project Blue Book program, even though both Blue Book and the Lyttle and Wilson team were government.

SurveyAlso on the matter of the government and UFOs – and what it knows and what it doesn’t know – there’s the matter of the Collins Elite. That’s the nickname of an organization (with a real, still-classified title that remains hidden) funded by certain elements of the U.S. government to investigate the UFO phenomenon from a demonic and satanic perspective. What the Hell?! I first got onto the story back in 2007 and exposed it in 2010, in my Final Events book. For years, people scoffed at the idea there could be a group, deep within government, studying the possibility that the alien Greys of Ufology are the minions of Satan. Personally, I don’t think the UFO phenomenon is demonic, but I decided to write the book when I realized that such a group really did exist. In other words, the story was a fascinating one to share with people interested in UFOs. But, here’s the most relevant part of the whole thing: almost everyone within the government knew next to nothing about the Collins Elite. Most of them still don’t know of it. Or, more accurately, they have been denied access to it. Just a few years ago Senator Harry Reid revealed (to a small degree) the existence of the group and confirmed that its work revolved around the “aliens are really demons” angle. The group still remains to be fully exposed. And, even if you work for the U.S. government, you probably haven’t got clearance to know the lowdown of the Collins Elite.

As the material above shows, “the government” doesn’t know everything. Agency 1 doesn’t always share its data with Agency 2. And, that may be the case right now: while most people in government are baffled by the same footage that we’ve all been seeing recently, there could very well be other agencies (or, far more likely, small, well-hidden think-tanks like the Collins Elite) that know exactly what is going on.