UFOs and Aliens End Up in a U.S. Courtroom

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Paul Seaburn May 18, 2021

UFOs got a huge boost in legitimacy this week when the long running news show “60 Minutes” broadcast a segment detailing U.S. military pilots’ encounters with them. Now UFOs have reached the pinnacle of acceptance – they’ve been named in a U.S. lawsuit, along with some extraterrestrials. If this doesn’t convince them to leave the planet, nothing will … except one of the parties in the lawsuit doesn’t want them to. Confused yet?

According to The Daily Beast, the aliens are on the side of one Corey Goode – you may remember him as the host of a show called “Cosmic Disclosure” on the Gaia streaming platform. Gaia is the other party in the lawsuit filed in a federal court in Colorado. On his website, Goode describes himself as an “an intuitive empath” who was recruited at age 6 for a MILAB program (indoctrination for black ops missions) where he eventually supported a “rotating Earth Delegate Seat (shared by secret earth government groups) in a “human-type” ET SuperFederation Council.” He also claimed to have worked in a “Secret Space Program” interfacing with “non-terrestrial beings” – a key element of the lawsuit.

AlienAfter leaving his show in 2018 (it was taken over by another host), Goode sued Gaia for engaging in an elaborate conspiracy against him. Last week, Gaia filed a countersuit accusing Goode of defamation and attempting to sabotage the company. All of this is about “Blue Avians” and the “Secret Space Program.” Blue Avians are a bird-like species of alien that Goode initially claimed to have met, then later claimed to be a member of the “Blue Avian soul group” brought to Earth to “help with planetary ascension.” With that kind of alien-given power, one would think Goode would not care about ownership of the name “Blue Avians.”

Wrong. However, ownership of the “Blue Avians” name, and also the name “Secret Space Program,” are part of the reason for the lawsuit. Gaia hired Jason Rice to replace Goode, and Rice also claims to have been an empath recruited as a child for the “Secret Space Program” to meet with “Blue Avians.”

“He should be happy that somebody else is validating the Blue Avians.”

Matthew Remski, who co-hosts a podcast called “Conspirituality,” told The Daily Beast what we’re all thinking. The question is … will a judge and jury feel the same way? They may not when Gaia explains that Goode allegedly tried to accuse its executives of practicing ““Luciferianism” and of being Satan-worshipping cannibal-pedophiles. Where have we heard that conspiracy theory before?

“I have mentioned this in the past. It was brought up again recently after Trump commented on Roswell. POTUS ‘Roswell Briefings’ are basically this: Roswell was NOT an Alien event. It was a mishap from US in the future. POTUS is told that the MAJORITY of the lights seen in the sky are from our own craft operating in the future and creating a temporal butterfly effect. They are told that what the ancients saw in the sky was often the exact same phenomenon.”

RoswellGoode was involved in another conspiracy theory in 2020, claiming that then-president Trump was told the craft which crashed in Roswell in 1947 was from our future and the technology was used to fuel the tech boom. Not as interesting as Blue Aliens and Satan-worshipping cannibal-pedophiles, but it could sway a judge and jury away from ruling in Goode’s favor in the lawsuit.

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One thing is for certain … when it comes to strangeness, 2021 is giving 2020 a run for its money.

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