Two TikTok Time Travelers With Upcoming Warnings and a Photo of an Attack on New York

February 16, 2022 People's Tonight 727 views

Paul Seaburn February 15, 2022

We’re halfway through February, so it’s about ‘time’ for another TikTok time traveler to show up proclaiming “Here is proof that I am a time-traveler” and then entertaining us with revelations that never seem to happen … yet TikTok never seems to boot them off. The latest two are interesting for different reasons. Although their TikTok names are almost the same (@pasttimetravel and @pasttimetraveler), they make different revelations. One at least provides dates for us to beware of in 2022. However, the other is a headline grabber with his revelation on what will happen to New York City in 2049 – complete with a ‘picture’.

“I have been thought of as a fake time traveler for too long, remember these dates to prove I’m real. February 14 2022, scientists find a megalodon in the Atlantic Ocean. March 8 2022, there is a record size tornado in the U.S. September 14 2022, there is a category 5 hurricane that hits the east coast of the U.S.”

Tiktok1At least @pasttimetravel gives us one we can verify today (February 14) and not bother waiting for his other revelations … although a Super Bowl score would REALLY convince most people he’s not a ‘fake time traveler’ from 2023 named Adam Corsin who “created the first time machine” which he initially says can only go backwards.

“Remember these three dates and I can prove that I’m real. March 15, 2022, a volcano erupts and creates an ash cloud around half the world. June 28, 2022, a plane goes missing for a month and returns but everyone on the plane says it was only three hours. August 2, 2022, we make contact with an underground civilization.”

@pasttimetravel seems to have a conspiracy slant to his revelations. He says the Titanic sinking wasn’t an accident (and gives details on what happened), a famous musical artist faked their death (no name), Area 51 is holding alien species and supernatural beings, the pyramids were created by aliens … you get the idea. He’s also been wrong (he said on February 3rd 2022, 3 people were going to get superpowers) and he also seems to have suddenly figured out how to travel forward beyond 2023 (in 2025, Atlantis is going to be discovered). He also mentions that “aliens named Nozics” will arrive next month on a meteor – a revelation that a number of these TikTok time travelers have made.

However, the big future revelation that was picked up by a number of media sites recently is the bad news for New York City from @pasttimetraveler – who also goes by the name Matthew Smith (an actor who played Dr. Who or Prince Philip, depending on which shows you watched). He begins with the obligatory statement:

“Here is proof that I am a time-traveler from the year 2104. This is a photo from a person in a fallout shelter from the year 2049. It shows New York City being bombed with two tonnes of trinitrotoluene (TNT) from a stolen Chinese plane. A member of China’s Air Force disobeyed orders and stole a powerful aircraft and bombed NYC.”

BoxWhat would Doctor Who think?

OK, how does a poorly edited photo (see it here ‘Time-traveller’ claims New York will be bombed by rogue Chinese Airforce pilot) of the Statue of Liberty in 2049 prove he’s a time traveler? This sounds more like someone with a current beef against China hoping to parlay that into a lot of ‘likes’. If you want to prove you’re a time traveler, why not go to New York City in 2048 and warn THEM?

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