TV5’s #BotantengFrontliner advocacy calls for responsible voting

April 17, 2022 Mario Bautista 357 views

IN line with TV5’s advocacy to inform, educate, and encourage voters to make responsible and guided decisions in the upcoming May 2022 elections, the network has expanded its comprehensive and in-depth Bilang Pilipino 2022 election campaign to include the #BotantengFrontliner call to action.

#BotantengFrontliner reflects the courage and bravery of Filipino voters – just as front liners leave the comfort of their homes to help the country survive the pandemic, voters walk to polling centers to help the Philippines move toward a better future.

TV5 has initiated this advocacy campaign to encourage viewers to become well-informed, responsible, and conscientious voters. Anchored on the current News5 tagline “Ngayong halalan, lahat dapat nasa frontline,” the campaign encourages Filipinos to take a more proactive and thoughtful approach in defining the direction and future of the country. With this, #BotantengFrontliner embodies the Filipino voter’s commitment to be “Mapanuri, mapagmatyag, at may paninidigan sa kaniyang boto.”

The #BotantengFrontliner campaign rolls out in a series of activities, including the “Anong Klaseng Botante Sila?” and “Anong Klaseng Botante Ka?” phases – the first one points Botanteng Fronliners to the Bilang Pilipino 2022 website to access important facts and information (Know Your Candidates 101), while the second one features News5’s distinguished roster of news anchors who will define every aspect of a Botanteng Frontliner.

Last but not least is the “Paghahanda Series” where the network will give voters helpful tips and guides to survive the election season and breeze through the voting process on election day.

In the upcoming elections, everyone is expected to be critical and responsible voters who make informed decisions for the good of the country – everything a #BotantengFronliner should be.

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Get to know your candidates more and access relevant election data on the Bilang Pilipino 2022 website (www.bilangpilipino.com)

Sa panahon ng halalan, lahat dapat nasa frontline. #BilangPilipino2022