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TUA’s performance in AppliedHE rankings marks notable start

December 7, 2023 People's Tonight 1034 views

IN its first attempt at being ranked, Trinity University of Asia secured a significant 30th position in ASEAN and an impressive 5th in the Philippines in the AppliedHE University Rankings.

The AppliedHE ranking system conducts a comprehensive assessment of institutions, considering multiple performance dimensions and utilizing a wide array of data sources. These criteria cover crucial aspects such as Teaching and Learning, Employability, Research, Community Engagement, Internationalization, and Institutional Reputation. For a deeper understanding of the AppliedHE rankings, visit their website at to explore the detailed evaluation criteria and methodologies.

In the ASEAN Schools assessment, Trinity University of Asia positioned itself admirably, securing rankings of 28th in Teaching and Learning, 8th in Employability, and an impressive 7th in Community Engagement, ALL CONTRIBUTING TO ITS OVERALL RANKING OF 30TH. Within the Philippine HEI Participants, TUA’s debut performance showcased dedication, achieving the 6th position in Teaching and Learning, an impressive 2nd place in Employability, and attaining 5th spot in Research, CONTRIBUTING SIGNIFICANTLY TO ITS OUTSTANDING 5TH OVERALL RANKING.

Trinity University of Asia has just celebrated its 60th Founding Anniversary this year, and the institution’s commendable positions serves as an acknowledgement of our excellence in education and community over the years. To discover more about Trinity University of Asia and its programs, visit

The rankings validate the relentless efforts made by the entire Trinitian community—from the faculty, staff, students, and to our alumni, in maintaining high standards for education and making meaningful contributions to society. The university remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate leaders, scholars, and professionals equipped to address global challenges, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.