True color

March 31, 2022 Lee Ann P. Ducusin 234 views

KRIS Aquino’s presence in the campaign sortie in Tarlac of lagging presidential bet Leni Robredo became like the red cape that the matador waved which enraged the public, especially netizens.

Instead of drawing much-needed support for Leni, Kris’ presence earned the former flak on social media with netizens saying she is finally showing her true colors – yellow merely pretending to be pink.

Wanting to distance herself from the growing ire against the Yellows, Robredo changed her campaign color to pink. But the presence of Kris in her rally contradicted this.

“Lumabas din ang totoo nilang kulay. Hindi sila pink, dilaw talaga sila. Si Kris Aquino ang nagpatotoo nyan,” a netizen said.

Kris’ tactless tirade against their political opponents also drew the ire of netizens.

“Kris Aquino is like the Liberal Party, elitist, egoist and a thing of the past,” a certain Mikhael Corleone said in a Tweet.

“Why does Kris Aquino always bring up her deceased family in her speech? Same old yellow shit,” another netizen tagged as Mr. Holmes said in a post.

It can be recalled that several candidates allied with the late Pres. Noynoy Aquino tried to leave his party claiming that being Yellow was a “kiss of death.”

This was further proven in 2019 when the Yellow Senate slate, dubbed as “Ocho Diretso” failed to secure a single seat in the Upper Chamber.

Reports said this was the reason why Robredo decided to shift to pink.

“Kakampink rally in Tarlac confirmed what many just suspected: basta kakampink matapobre, mapanlait, elitista at higit sa lahat DILAWAN. Sayang ok na sana ang free concert, hakot crowds for optics and then this. A huge blow, indeed,” a netizen chided.